Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last year at this time......
I was recovering from a C-section...the birth of our sixth child!
Nursing a new born every 2-3 hours.
Getting very little sleep.
Teaching my older children.
Helping my husband with household tasks. (When he let me!)
Eating anything and everything with no control!
A whole can of Poppycock was my favorite snack about 2-3 times a week, if I could not get it then Crunch & Munch would have to do!
Going up stairs to shower daily was the most exercise I did or even wanted to do.
I weighed over 210lbs.

Things have sure changed since last year!!!!!


  1. They sure have changed and you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been a Poppycock fan, but my Mother loves the stuff.

  2. Excellent for you and all your changes that made you a better person!

  3. Yay for change!!! Good for you. It feels good to take control of our lives, at least the parts that we can, doesn't it? You look great and I'm sure you feel great too. :)


  4. Crazy isn't it!! I can't believe that a year ago I was eating loads of food, and like you nursing all the time and not working out at all! Now I am pregnant again and running despite my extreme fatigue and am so happy to be a mom!

  5. WOW!! What a great job you've done, Christine!!!

  6. OK, I keep forgetting you have 6 kids!!!!! You look fabulous, just had to say that!

    Happy for you that you made changes and are being healthy.

  7. wow that was so much on your plate...6 children...I see now with my daughter having had a C section 3 weeks ago today and she only has one other child how tired she are truly an inspiration to so many women....and to me!!

  8. That is sooooooooo awesome!!
    Good for you Christine
    so so very good!

    love and light

  9. What a wonderful reflection! You are an inspriation!