Friday, April 26, 2013

Winds of Change!

It is hard to believe that it is almost 3 weeks since I posted.

So much has been happening in my own little world but to the outside it probably looks like NOTHING is happening.

I have been 'trying' to follow the principles of Trim Healthy Mama eating for about a month but just can not do it so I FINALLY decided to stop trying and start DOING what I know how to do and that is eat clean, healthy and unprocessed foods.

This was a hard decision to make because the THM has such a great bunch of women that are a big support system to each other and I know I am going to miss them but I had to let it go.

My weight has remained the same for the last month. I will only be weighing myself once a month now and will let my clothes and wedding ring tell me how I am doing the rest of the time. So next Friday is my next weigh in.

Last week I discovered what I thought was a diastasis in my tummy. I went to the doctor yesterday to confirm it and sure enough I have a rather LARGE one.
A diastasis is a separation of the abdominal muscles. At my belly button it was measured to be a 7+ finger width and above it a 4 finger width.
I am now working on closing up that gap by doing some specific exercises to strengthen it.

With that news also comes the restriction of only walking and isolated free weight for my arms for the next 12 weeks.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Report

I am feeling so amazing lately, for many reasons but fitting into smaller clothes and hearing from my husband that he can really see how I am losing weight top the list.

This weekend workouts were; Friday~ Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickboxing, Saturday~ Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones and Sunday~ 5km Walk.

Eating was great all weekend! I have been battling through wanting to eat non-stop due to that time of the month when cravings are rampant but I have been victorious thus far. Hopefully it will not last much longer since it started on Thursday afternoon.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Things I have Noticed...

  • That I am standing taller.
  • I want to get dressed each day and not just hang out in my p.j.'s.
  • Taking time to do my hair daily.
  • Speaking kinder to/about myself.
  • Wanting to exercise because it makes me feel good!
  • Seeing the good in others more often.
  • I can wear 'regular clothes again and not just my maternity clothes. (I even was able to pack most of them away!)
  • Can see my collar bones a wee bit again.
All these things because I am eating healthy and watching the scale go DOWN!

This weeks weigh in, 178 lbs for a loss of 3.4 lbs!!!
Only 8 more pounds until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight with baby #7.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Report

Wow, Tuesday already!

I enjoyed this long weekend so much.

Friday morning was spent preparing for Sabbath by getting food prepared and cleaning done.
The afternoon we went to a friends maple sugar shack to learn the process of making syrup.
To get to the shack we had to walk in about 30 minutes which was a beautiful walk through the bush, there was a lot of little streams that the children played in and lots of MUD! The sun was shining, no wind and just a beautiful day all round. Everyone enjoyed the sweet taste of the sap boiling down and then had hot dogs over the fire. I took myself some water, strawberries and almonds therefore avoided the other food. Yeah, me!

Saturday was a wonderful day of relaxing and enjoying the family.
I wanted to get in a walk...I usually do not like to exercise with the children but this day my three year old wanted to go for a walk with me so I obliged and I am SO glad that I did. Even though I would not consider the walk to have been for any health benefit it was so much more than that. I probably can not describe in words the way this walk blessed my heart.
To put it simply, Amanda discovered shadows!
It was amazing to see, hear and be a part of all the learning that took place in the short amount of time with her. I will be forever changed by this day of discovery!

Sunday, I  spent the day sorting clothes and spring cleaning.
I was able to pack away some maternity clothes that I have still been wearing because I did not have anything else that fit. Plus I gave away a pair of jeans and a few shirts that are now TOO big. Such a great feeling!
My husband began commenting this weekend that I am getting skinny and that he can really tell that I have lost weight now. What a sweet man I have!
I did not want to exercise  because I was so tired but once the children were in bed I did the 40 minute Turbo Sculpt dvd...WOW! I have never done this one and it was great! My new favorite for strength training.

Monday was more cleaning in the morning and then out for a 5km run. I would guess that I ran for 2/3 of the distance. It felt great but I was sore afterwards.

Has anyone ever experienced flu like symptoms the day after an intense workout? I had that on Monday and I am wondering if it is from the Turbo Sculpt workout!?

Eating all weekend was great with the exception of a few sweet indulgences on Saturday night at my mom's house for dinner. Nothing that made me feel terrible which would have been what happened in the past because once I ate one thing I would not have stopped. This time though I allowed for a treat and then stopped. I had purposefully ate light all day Saturday to allow for the heavier supper.