Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1 and Clean Baby Food

Today is the first of November and the first day of the 30 Day Challenge.

I got my exercises in this morning first thing...I am feeling those muscles a bit right now.
In a good way! I love it when my body sends those signals to say "Thanks for moving me!".

I did the 30 Day Shred yesterday and after no exercise for so long I was already feeling some soreness before starting today's workout.

On top of the challenge exercises today I did 30 Dead man Lifts with 5 lb weights, 30 Jumping Jacks, 30 leg lifts on each side, 30 push ups and 30 of another ab exercise but I am not sure of the name of it.
All of these plus the challenge ones got me over the 20 minutes of exercise and so I 'earned' my next $5.oo!

It has been a bit of a battle to not step on the scale to see how I am doing....I know that I have been eating great and now 2 days of exercising but the old me wants the scale to tell me I am doing great!!! but I will continue to ignore the desire to go there and will give myself the affirmation I need!

I started last week researching some 'clean' and real food ideas to feed to my baby...she will be one on Sunday!! and she does not want baby food.....only table food so I am trying to find some new ideas to make for her instead of the what I would have fed my little ones at this stage before going off of processed food.
I found one great site with tons of ideas that I wanted to share!

Have a blessed day to you, my blogging friends!!


  1. Hey Christine
    coming for a vist from Amy's space of Freedom and am intrigued with this exercise challenge you girls are doing.
    What is it all about, I would love to hear more!!!
    Good for you for not giving in to the is so hard, but so good to detox from the REALLY is within ourselves that we must find that peace.
    Awesome for you!

    love and light

  2. We never fed Little Angel any baby food. Just regular people food when she was old enough to eat it. She loves bananas and whole wheat pasta. She also will eat sweet potato cubes. And avocadoes. Very healthy and good for them too! :)

  3. Oh I am looking forward to perusing the baby food recipes! Thanks for sharing... What exactly is the 30 day challenge?

  4. Way to earn money and save money by making your own baby food! I made my own, back in day, and I have good, healthy eaters for the most part now that they're older. Crunch it sista!

  5. Way to go with starting your challenge!!!

  6. Good luck on your challenge. It sounds like a great idea!

  7. Goodmorning!!!! Yippeeee for a great day!! I did NOT do my strength training.. ack!! Did my cardio, and got completely distracted..coughcough... er uh, hmmm..... like that for an excuse! Ha! But today IS the day!

    Way to go mommas!

  8. I love the magazine and I just subscribed last week for a year for only $5.95! I can see if the sight does subscriptions in Canada and if it does I will send you the link!