Thursday, December 31, 2009

Week far

This is only day 5 of my weight loss journey and it has been all over the place.

On Sunday and Monday I was very hungry because my body is so used to the mindless eating and such a large amount of calories being consumed but I made it through those days with lots of water, gum and pure determination.

This week has also brought with it a test for me because I have a particular family member who likes to cause trouble and that person decided to target my husband and I on Monday. I wanted to run for the nearest store immediately and buy some chocolate but I resisted the temptation and it soon went. I know I am an emotional eater so I am keeping a close check on this.

I have been eating very healthy all week and feeling great! Feeling great physically and so in the game.

I was out of town for a day of shopping yesterday and was able to stick with my plan....usually when I go out of town I eat all kinds of stuff (read.... MacDonald's Fries, donuts, milkshakes and family size chocolate bar for the drive home) because we just don't have the fast food and availability here on the Island so I take advantage of all the things I feel deprived from. What crazy ways our minds think! My eating for the day away was as follows... breakfast at home and then Tim Horton's coffee for the drive, Subway Turkey breast sub loaded with vegetables and a small chocolate milk for lunch and for the drive home a bought a container of fresh fruit from the grocery store.

I have began working out also this week. I purchased new shoes and a great DVD (that I have used before until I wore it out) and I am anxiously awaiting there arrival.

All in all so far this week I have had a few Non-scale victories! YEAH!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Beginning

Losing weight and getting into physical shape is something I have to do because of the family history I have. I am feeling good about this journey and have three other friends in my community that have joined me in help encourage each other and push each other on when the going gets tough. We have not worked out all the details but I know this is my time and feel they are committed too!

So here is the details of my starting place.

My start weight today is a whooping ......209lbs.

Bust 41"
Waist 42.5"
Hips 44.5"
Upper Leg 25"
Lower Leg 15"
Ankle 9"
Upper Arm 15"

My goals for this week are :
1) Take my vitamin and probiotic daily.
2) Drink 8 glasses of water daily.
3) Walk for 30 minutes 2x this week.
4) Do my arm strength training video 1x weekly.
5) Do my stomache/core strength training 1x weekly.
6) Eat healthy foods for meals and snacks 100% of the time this week.
7) Journal my food daily.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Return

Well Ladies and Gentlemen I have returned. For anyone who remembers me you will know that I was expecting. We now have another baby girl; born on Nov. 7th.....a month early.

After today I will be resuming my healthy eating and weight loss journey. I have warned the family that at bedtime tonight I will be throwing out all the junk food and sweets and we all will be eating healthy once again.

I will post my new start weight in the morning. And I will be slowing adding my goals as I spend more time thinking about them and how I want to acheive them.