Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Trial

When I bought my new DVD this week, 6 Pack Six Weeks, I received a 30 day free trial for Jillian Michaels Diet and Weight Loss Support Program!!! I went for it and signed up for the No obligation trial!! after the 30 days I will decide if I like the tool enough to pay $52 for 13 weeks or not.

You journal your food and it tracks the calories, input your activity and in tracks the calories burned....there is lots of other tools too and I plan on playing around on the site a bit later today to see what all there is on it!

I love the way Jillian pushes me to do more and better with my exercise!!
She is kind of a mentor to YOU guys still amazes me how people I have never meet can influence and motivate me!!!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Counting Calories Just to be Sure

The days go by so quickly!!!

I have been having some easy days of eating! I love those kind of days!!!!

As of this week I am keeping track of the amount of calories I am eating in a day while eating clean food becasue I want to make sure that I am not eating too many calories.

It is easy to consume a lot of calories in the yummy variety of clean food I eat...I know it is all life giving foods but I am thinking that this is why I hav
e been at a stand still for the last couple of months, my weight fluctuates between 149-146 weekly!
So I am again experimenting and trying to figure out this weight loss puzzle!

I am trying to keep by calories between 1600 - 1800 calories daily.

The other new thing for me is I bought a new workout DVD.
6 Pack in Six Weeks by Jillian Micheals.
Its a good one!!! It targets the core...which is a weak spot for me....but not after this program is done!

I would love to have abs like that!!!

I just finished Day 2 of this DVD......I feel it in my legs, abs, back and obliques!!!
Totally Awesome Feeling!!
I love this feeling, I can't explain it but I love it! (laughs at self!)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Game On

My husband and I are in a nice friendly competition!!!!

We both want to lose 10 pounds and so to push each other along a little harder we have placed a reward for the first person to achieve this goal!!!

The winner will have $200 to use in what ever way they want and of course the best part is that said winner will have big bragging rights too!!!

Of course, I am going to win....we all know that!!!!

My husband tells me, the worst part about me saying what I just said is "I am going to have to eat humble pie in the end!"....we will see how eats pie!!! lol

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Running in the Snow

Today was day two of going for a run!

Yesterday I headed out for a walk but it was so cold out that part way through I decided that I had to either run or freeze into an ice block and never return to my family!

I ended up running/ walking 3km in total!

Today I dressed differently and headed out....I did my 5km route!

It has been a couple of months since I have done any running so my lungs are feeling the pressure of increased exercise...I love the feeling!

I think running in snow covered shoulders of the highway must be like running in the in a harder workout and burning more calories...what do you think????

Tonight is Zumba!!!!
I love this form of working out...the kind when you are having so much fun that you do not realize this is REALLY exercise! Bonus!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Days

Life is super busy for me right now!!!

I want to post an tell you all that I am still reading when I can and I try to comment but do not always have time to both read and comment...I love you ladies and miss the interaction with you all but this is just My Life right now!!!

Eating has been great and I am getting in lots of exercise to...the scale is SLOWLY making its way down. Today's weigh in was 147lbs!!!!

I am thinking of changing this blog place to a more life in general spot because my focus has changed a lot in the last month..if I do change my focus on this blog I will totally understand if some of you stop following!! I will keep you posted though!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Hump Day

What a great day it has been!!

I have had one of those days when it just feels easy and so normal to eat healthy and exercise!

I so LOVE these kind of days!

Like Dawne said in yesterday's post on her blog .... easy days are a part of the journey and we should look forward to them!

Wednesday Food
Breakfast- Red River Cereal topped with applesauce, walnuts, maple flakes, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Post Workout Snack- Ultimate Smoothie from the Eat Clean Recharged book. (cooled green tea, milk, cottage cheese and strawberries)

Lunch- Chicken Breast, lettuce, green pepper and cucumber on a brown rice wrap.

Snack- Royal Gala Apple and a handful of almonds.

Supper- Roast beef, Lentil & Rice casserole, beets and green peas.

Evening Snack- 2 Clementines and Chia tea.

Exercise was strength training circuit for arms, abs and upper legs.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good News

Thank you to all who left encouraging comments on my last post!
Much love was felt from you all!
It was a tough day but I made it through and hopefully I am stronger for it!
Actually I know I am stronger!

I have one great thing that has already come from yesterday!!!
I have an accountability partner...we have decided to set individual goals, share them with each other and then hold each other to those goals!

We basically are going to be open books to each other!!!

This is something I have needed for a bit now and I am pumped to now have it in place.

My goals for this week are; (Tuesday thru Saturday)

1. Exercise 4 days out of 5. (2 strength training and 2 cardio)
2. Focus on eating QUALITY food.
3. Journal my food daily and send my partner a copy of the journal.
4. Weigh in on Sunday. (this will be my first weigh in for this New Year!)

Since I am going to be typing up the journal for her I decided to post it here too, along with my exercise for the day!

Food for Tuesday
Breakfast- Green Monster Smoothie (spinach, frozen banana, peanut butter and milk)
Lunch- Raw Vegetables, Hummus, Turkey Breast on Ezekiel Bread with honey mustard.
Snack- Honey crisp Apple and Almond Butter
Supper- Parchment Paper Baked Chicken Breast, Lentil Rice Casserole, steamed Green Beans.
Evening Snack- Mini-bag of microwave Popcorn and Tea (this will be while I watch Biggest Loser)

Exercise- 20 minute Pilate's Workout Video

Monday, January 3, 2011


I feel like crap today...mentally to start off with, then it led to overeating and now finally the self loathing has kicked into full gear!

I want to see myself as my Heavenly Father does....I think this is a area that needs to be worked on for me RIGHT at this moment.

I have an ideal image in my head of what I need to look like, how I need to act and what I need to weigh! but I have never surrendered these areas to the Lord so He can speak into them!

Climbing my way up...yes I will!
Not going to focus on the land in which I need to cover still but rather I am going to focus on the freedom I have already obtained!
I see the horizon even though I am still climbing out of the feels like such a dark and lonely place...

I need to reach for Father's hand and allow Him to lead me up and out of this darkness!
More freedom at the top!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Comparison Shots

Me at Christmas 2008!

and now this year!!!

I love the difference!

Now I just need to figure out how to bust through this place of 145-150 and get to the 120's!
Suggestions welcome!

LEAH @ My New Ending: If you are reading this....I am not able to post any comments on your blog....I can't figure out why! Help!!! I have been reading but can not communicate! AHHH!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

This past year has been a life changing year for me and I think 2011 can be just as momentous!

I have spent the last few days looking at what I want to accomplish in this new year as far as health related goals go.

Here they are;

I want to continue to lose weight until I get to my 'happy' weight.
I am thinking at this point that I am going to aim for that is almost 20 pounds to shed!

I will be taking a break from running for the winter because there is no safe place to run for me here on the Island (injury wise)but in the spring I will begin running again and I want to increase my speed, I would like to build up to a time of under 35 minutes for a 5k last timed run for 5k was close to 38 minutes. I think shaving 3 minutes off is doable!

I will continue to weight train ...this is my new found passion! I love that feeling of muscle definition on my arms, legs and abs!

And lastly, I will be leading some ladies in a weight loss support group starting on January 10th..I am super excited about this and my goal for me in this group is to be a positive role model for women just starting out on their weight loss journey!

Happy New Year my blogging friends!!!