Friday, November 26, 2010

Counting Calories

Yesterday I decided to start tracking how many calories I eat to make sure I am not eating over my 1800 calories daily.

Since I have not had major weight loss since the summer I was sure my calories must be going over my physical need and this would explain the slow loss.

I am shocked to find out just the opposite must be happening!!!!

I probably have been consuming WAY to little of calories and therefore my body is holding on to very last bit of energy I have been giving it to prepare for a famine!

Why do I think this?????

Since starting to track; just yesterday (I know my prediction may be premature), I have been having to eat a lot more than I usually do in order to reach my calorie intake number.

I feel STUFFED like a turkey eating all I need to!!!! (that is for my American friends!)

So far today I have consumed just over 900 calories and I only have supper and maybe a snack left to have.....right now I am so full that I can't imagine that I will want a snack.

This is what I have had to eat....
1 cup Steel Cut Oats 150 cal.
1/2 Banana 63 cal.
1 tbsp. Almond Butter 101 cal.
1/4 cup 2% milk 31 cal.
2 tsp. maple syrup flakes 10 cal.

Morning Boost
Honey crisp Apple 125 cal.
1 oz. Havarti Cheese 106 cal.
6 Mary's Organic Crackers 66 cal.

1 whole egg 75 cal.
3 egg whites 51 cal.
9 Tater Tots 150 cal.

Supper is going to be Vegetarian Pizza on Gluten Free Crust...I like to load my pizza with every veggie in the fridge and very little this meal is not going to take me to 1800 calories...according to Sparks Nutrition Tracker my pizza will be approximately 550 calories (this is being generous) leaving me with about 400 more calories to get in after that.....I really don't know how I am going to do that!!!

This is really not a terrible thing to have to face but is very interesting!!!

I have said all this just to say that I am going to continue to track my calories and make sure I am eating enough.....and hopefully the scale will continue to move down and even more quickly!!!

Just so you know....1800 calories may sound like a lot of calories to some and it does to me too but I have to remind myself that I am still nursing a baby at least 6 times a day if not more I can not lower my intake.


  1. it is amazing isn't it!!
    I am learning too, that weight loss is not about is about healthy calories and healthy intake according to where you are at...a good reminder for me today too Christine.

    lets move the weight!!!!

    love and light

    ps and don't forget you are building muscle right now too, that takes alot of energy!

  2. Have you considered spreading our your food more into like 6 meals with smaller portions? That would keep your metabolism going more consistently and your blood sugar more consistent and may help in weight loss... I am sold on eating smaller portions every 2.5 - 3 hours for me and the hubs. :)


  3. Calories... That is the exact thing I've been thinking about (and posted about)today. The good and the bad.
    I also find that I don't go over my recommended calories. But I think that number was to high to begin with.
    Trying to find the best way to lose weight is quite an effort, it seems. But worth it in the end, right?!

  4. The experts say that many of us do not eat enough. It's so interesting. I can't wait to see your results!

  5. I find it hard to eat more once I've been eating so little for so long. I found I did this often and probably why I was stalled in weightloss. I don't think 1800 is a lot of calories I though that was just the normal range, plus if you're still nursing that takes away about 600 right? Keep eating and hopefully you will start to see that drop again!

  6. This is very interesting to me and I look forward to seeing what you find out. :)

  7. Just found your blog. I look forward to following your progress!!

    Keep focused!

  8. protein builds muscle, muscle burns fat and calories... looked really lean on the protein... high in carbs and fat.... just my little opinion...

  9. I agree with you 1000% on this post. Unfortunely I learned this the hard way! I too thought I must be eating too much and refused to bump it up. then, I did some research and realized I needed to eat more. So I did. And the weight starting coming off again!

    I say this...but this past few days I ate WAY more than I should have and even feel sick :( The scale was VERY mean when I got on tonight! Back on track today :)


  10. Thanks so much for your comment over on my blog. YOu were the first and just about everyone on there is agreeing with you! Its cute actually :) Thanks again.


  11. I have noticed that when I don't enough calories i either stay at the same weight or I gain weight. I do better when I eat merry (around 1500calories) and exercise moderately.