Thursday, December 2, 2010


I need to share with you all about the November Challenge Results!

I started the past month out strong doing the exercises everyday but then failed to keep up with all of my challenge exercises. I still did some on most days but not everyday!

That being said I still had some changes in measurements and built some more muscle.
On my waist I lost .5 of an inch and biceps I lost .25 of an inch....these are not great but they are movement in the direction I want to see.

So to keep up with these changes I decided to join Kelly in her December Challenge!
Some of these exercises look like killers....yeah for a great core!!!
That is what I will need to say as I work these exercises. lol

I am going to take now pictures and then again at the end of December along with my new measurements.


  1. I did an awesome run the other day and havent exercised since :( Nerves get the best of me sometimes.


  2. Way to go with losing inches!!!

  3. NICE!!!
    your is the direction you wanted to go and you are doing it!!!

    good for you Christine

    love and light

  4. Hey there lovies!

    Love those results from your Nov. challenge.. woo hoo!!!! FAbulousness!

  5. Great job! Change is good!
    I'm glad you're in on my Dec Challenge! I'm so excited!

    Have a super weekend :)