Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fall Review

It is hard to believe that it is December and the last time I posted was September. Wow, sorry!

So much has been happening that I thought it would be best to do a post with just the facts about what has been going on....

  • Hockey~ I have Hope &Dennis  playing and Rachel & Hope timekeeping so hockey takes 3 nights out of the week.
  • Figure Skating~ Bethany is taking lessons and Rachel and Hope are Program Assistants one night a week.
  • Awana/Trek~ Rachel and Hope are involved in this program again this year on Tuesday nights.
  • School is going great! Everyone is zipping right along with their individual studies in Math, Reading, Language Arts and Spelling. We had to change up History, Bible and Science after only 3 weeks into the school year but we are not in full swing and loving it. We are studying Creation through to Christ this year...I have learned so much about early history already!
  • My husband is still unemployed so things around here are pretty tight as far as finances go but God is always faithful to provide for our every need and sometimes in unusual ways.
  • I have been losing weight consistently but slowly. Workouts jump between 30 Day Shred, Walking, Skating and trying some running again too. I plan to join a Lifestyle Balance group in the New Year that is run through the medical center here in town. More to come on that as I learn about it.
  • Being the Mom of an almost 14 year old girl is proving to be a hand full...totally different than anything I have experienced before! She is so much like me it is almost scary!!
  • The baby is almost 6 months old, we went through some sleep training about 5 weeks ago and he is now a much better sleeper.
  • I am babysitting still.
  • Trying to eat plant strong mostly but still eating some meat and dairy just not on a daily basis. 
Life is busy but oh so good!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Look New Focus

Just a quick post to say that along with the obvious new look for winter, I am changing this blog from a weight loss journey blog to a true look at MY LIFE blog.
I will begin writing about anything and everything pertaining to my life on here!