Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 6, 7 & 8

What a wonderful weekend I had!

To start the weekend off my husband was home early on Friday afternoon and then off for the ENTIRE weekend!!!
That was nice!

I took a quick trip to the city near us (2 hour drive one way!) on Saturday to look for some wheat free food for me and other items that I just can not get here where I live.
I came away from the Bulk Barn with so many neat ingredients to make some yummy stuff!
My some of my finds included....chia seeds, gluten free pizza mix, brown rice spiral pasta, Larabars (3 different kinds), coconut oil, agave nectar, red quinoa and pine nuts.
I will go going again soon to get some more stuff!

I plan on trying some new recipes this week and will let you all know how they turn out as I make them....the first thing I am going to make is Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins.
They sound yummy!

I had my weigh in on Sunday....down one pound to 146lbs!
My original goal was to be 155lbs by November 7th, 2010..... I blew that one out of the water.
Why did I pick November 7th you ask?!?!? because......

On November 7th, 2009 I gave birth to my little sweet Amanda!
and I wanted to be 155lbs when we celebrated her first birthday!
Back in December when I made that goal it seemed almost unreasonable in the way of not attainable in less than a year!!! but I did it!!!

It has been a really, really quick year for me!
My little Amanda came into this world 5 weeks premature and sooo tiny....look at her NOW!

Here she is eating her sugar laden cake....I was going to be a 'good' Mama and make her a sugar and egg free cake but going to Sudbury shopping on Saturday won and something had to give from the schedule and it ended up being her homemade cake!
I must say she did love her cake ALOT!!! It was her first experience with sugar.

I took Saturday off from the challenge exercises but did get them in both Sunday and today.
I am definitely feeling the strength that I am building from these exercises!!
Hopefully by the end of the month I will not be grunting during some of them!!!
The abdominal twists are a killer for me!

Blessings all!!


  1. It continues to amaze me how much we have in common!! We don't give our little ones anything sweet either until their first birthday and then their cake is their first sugar experience. And I make them their own little private cake, just for them. That has been a tradition for quite awhile with us. :) Happy birthday to your little girl. She is a peanut huh? My little one is tiny too. I like it that way, makes them seem more like babies for longer! :) Thanks for your words of encourgement on my blog too! You are doing fantastic and give me hope that I can conquer this weight!

  2. sounds like a great weekend Christine
    BIG congratulations on meeting and surpassing your goal...that is so something to be proud of lady!!!!

    hey did you happen to indulge in the nectar or Starbucks while in the city??? ; )

    love and light

  3. You rock!!!! Congratulations on your weight loss and precious girl's birthday!! You really did blow that goal out of the water.

  4. Whoo hoo on your weight loss!!! You go girl! Your amanda is just adorable!!! What a blessing!

    Thanks so much for all of your comments on my blog. When I post them I always think how you will probably be one of the first to comment. I love your comments so keep em coming! you are very motivational to me.


  5. Congrats on surpassing your goal! That's great. Your daughter is so cute!! I love chia seeds!

  6. What a fabulous weekend! I'm loving that you 'blew that goal outta the water' and made a new goal! Your daughter is precious!!

    Way to go on getting the exercises done! Woot!

  7. Wow, what a fantastic job you did in your goal!!!! Congrats!
    She's a sweetie pie, my first daughter was 6 weeks early as well.

  8. Beautiful beautiful weekend! Yay! Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!

    Way to go lovie on a great great weekend!!

    Hugs and loves.. A