Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank You & He is Back

First things first............a HUGE Thank You to all that offered up prayers, words of encouragement and support for me from my post yesterday!
I sure needed it and felt the love.
I am still working through some things but I am on the way up to the top!!!
My heart is lighter and I know God is walking this out with me....I feel a new sense of freedom coming!
Thanks again!!!!!

Today my husband finished the the job he was doing and was laid off!
The company he was working for is suppose to be back in the spring next year to do more road construction and he will be recalled they told him yesterday...until then or if something else comes along I have him home!!!
I am super excited about that!!!!

My stress level drops dramatically when he is around because he shares all the work around the house with me except the teaching of the children plus now I will have time to exercise daily again!!!!

It does mean though that I will not be posting as much anymore (I will miss this), when I take a break during the day and he is home I usually sit with him and chat time with my hubby is so precious to me.....I will still post probably at least 2 times a week!
So don't forget about me and I will be checking in on you all as often as I can.

I am still doing my November Challenge exercises and I will share that I already have a difference in my measurements in both upper arm and waist.
WOO HOO!!!! I am super excited to see the difference after the whole 30 days.
We can do this ladies!!!!!


  1. So happy to hear your burden was lifted. Nice to know you'll have the help of Hubby!! Enjoy that time with him, unemployment can bring certain blessings. (((Hugs)))

  2. BIG BIG BIG HUG!!! I will miss your daily posts, but I SOOO get it! I do the same when my hub is home.. I just want to savor the time and be with him.. I love that you are passionate and are one another's best friends, lovie! That makes me smile so so big! I have that gift too, and I love it that you do too!

    So glad your perspective is looking up... still praying! Love you!

  3. Don't worry Christine, you will not be forgotten. Enjoy this season you are coming into with your hubby, I agree, time with them is so very very precious!

    So glad you are feeling lighter today, you were definitely on my heart yesterday!

    Continue on your journey and I look forward to hearing form you when you have the time!

    love and light

  4. There are different seasons in our lives, and this is your season to spend with your husband. Enjoy every minute of it Christine. I'll still be here reading your posts as they're such an encouragement to me. Blessings and hugs!!!

  5. I'll miss reading your daily posts! You have been a great encouragement to me!
    Enjoy your time with your husband and family. I'll problably go back and read your older posts now!

  6. So excited that your hubby will be home but will miss your posts! I'll still be checking in on you though! :) I'm glad your heart isn't as heavy as it was yesterday also.

    Keep on trucking with those challenges! I have difference measurements also! Wooot!

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog! Check out FitLab when you can and I know you will enjoy Zumba. Feet FIRST, then arms, then your hips will follow. Remember that and have fun! :)

  7. Enjoy the time with your husband! We'll enjoy hearing from you when time allows, but in the meantime don't worry about us too much. :)