Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week 22 Weigh In

Crazy, crazy, busy, busy!!! That is my life!!!! Hence the title of the blog!

I had a 2 pound loss this week! Down to 167lbs! Yeah!

Only one more weigh in with my weigh loss group of ladies for the contest we have going on and I am in a close race for first. Next Sunday will be the determining weigh in! If I win I will be hiring a house cleaner for a morning, to deep clean my upstairs bathroom and wash my kitchen walls. That will be a nice reward if it works that way.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful here.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Time

It is so hard to get on the computer with all this nice summer weather we are getting here.
It has actually been very hot! I have been keeping up on your blogs but not taking time to do any posting of my own.

Things are going well with eating this week and I have got in 2 runs and a long walk also. It just is all feeling like a normal part of life lately, which is great! The struggles to stay focused have not been there like earlier in the journey and I miss it when I don't get in some exercise. I know tough days will come again but as I put more good days under my belt it just makes me stronger!

Yesterday I planted the vegetable/flower garden and today I spent nearly 4 hours in one area of the yard working at moving rocks, cutting limbs and trimming over grown grass and weeds. I have absolutely loved this work! The real bonus is that I am feeling soreness in muscles that I guess I don't use on a regular basis in my arms, shoulders, back and legs. Got to love toning when you don't even realize it!!

Another great thing that has been happening for me this week is I have been seeing people that I have not seen in awhile and they are noticing my weight loss and commenting on it. This just pushes me to stay focused.

All in all a great week and hopefully a great weekend to come with a loss on the scale.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Week 21

Out of the 170's finally!

I had a one pound loss this week putting me at 169lbs.

Not to bad considering I was away on vacation for part of the week and I only got in one day of exercise.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doing It

I made it home....we had to cut the vacation short because of sick children which led to little to no sleep for Mommy and in turn made for a grumpy Mommy.

Before leaving on Saturday I weighed in and had a loss of 1.8lbs for the week, putting me at 170lbs.

I had a moment yesterday after getting home with the six children!

I good moment....I had time to reflect on my time away and this is what conclusion I came to. I am doing it!!! My life is changing and the old me is fading away. Not just the weight but the mind sets too.

While on vacation I ate well and my thoughts were not consumed by "What am I going to eat next!". When we were planning to eat out for lunch I packed one for myself and eat that, for two suppers we ordered in and I made low fat and healthy choices with them. On Sunday we had a family much food was around all day long. The kind of snacky foods; cheese, crackers, chips and kolbassa. I resisted that all and saved myself for a healthy supper. We all brought something and I volunteered to bring a fruit tray, veggie tray and a watermelon. I also brought Compliments Lean Chicken Burgers to BBQ because the plan was Hot Dog and Sausages which my one daughter is allergic to so it gave me a good excuse to bring a better option and I got to enjoy one also. So for supper I had a chicken burger on a thin bun and loaded my plate with fruit and vegetables. I also skipped the birthday cake that was served for dessert. I felt such victory walking away from that day not over indulging AT ALL.

I was not able to get a run in while away which was disappointing but I was active each day with walking so I am glad about that.

I can feel the change in my thought process and I got to shop for a new body too. I mentioned that I was going jean shopping and I did. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I bought size 10 jeans and they feel and look amazing. I have the muffin top but purposely bought them that little bit snug becasue I still have 15 lbs to go and when it is gone.. so will the muffin top be. Here they are...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where has the week went?

Seriously....who took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?
This week has just gone, we leave Saturday morning for 5 days. So I won't be able to post again until a week from Saturday probably.

Things are going really well though. Eating has been great and I am getting in my exercise.

I am not freaked out about my vacation anymore, I plan to eat in moderation and make the healthiest choices I can well I am away. Plus I know I can get exercise in because we don't have a super busy schedule planned.

I plan on buying myself a new pair of jeans when we are away! I can't wait to do this.

I still need to finish packing but wanted to say that I have been reading your blogs {even if I have not commented} ...just super busy this week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week Nineteen

Just a really quick post because it is Mother's Day and I am going to sneak back to bed and let my children spoil me!

My perseverance has paid off, after a month of staying around the mid to high 170's.....
I am down it FOUR pounds this week! Putting me at 171.8lbs!!!
Total loss of 37.2 lbs in 19 weeks and time for my next reward of a new summer dress (I think).

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day, Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Plan

I have had people ask me lately "How are you losing weight?"...this got me to thinking that I have never really posted about what my plan is. I have talked about my plan in reference and I have said things I am changing /tweaking in it but never laid it all out.

So here it is...

  • First and foremost I know that I have many emotional issues that have brought me to the place I am now where food has been the 'thing' in my life that never let me down. Therefore I am leaning on the Lord Jesus to help me walk through healing during this journey. While spending time praying and listening to God the addiction will be broken. This part of the plan will bring me to the place I need to be spiritually.
  • Secondly, I eat anything I want!... as long as it is a whole and natural food and I don't exceed 1800 calories per day.
  • Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, milk, yogurt, cheese and lean meats are all acceptable foods.
  • NO processed and packaged foods.
The only exception to the rules are #1 If I am at someones home then I make the best choice available to me. #2 On certain days of the year I have a planned treat day (the first one this year was on my birthday in March and the next one is in June for an ice cream date with my husband.).
  • The third and final part of the plan is to get moving 6 out of 7 days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each time. Any kind of exercise is good as long as I am moving.
There it is...
simple eh!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Upcoming Vacation

All of a sudden I am having to think about a vacation!! Vacation for me usually means alot of eating out and weight gain!!

Don't get me wrong I am super excited that we are all getting to go a family vacation in less than two weeks. Super excited because we have not been away in over a year and secondly because we can't all fit in our van anymore so it looked like a vacation was out for us this year but it turns out that we are going to rent a Dodge Sprinter and have a holiday after all!

We are going to stay at my father in laws and do day trips from there. Black Creek Pioneer Village, Elmvale Zoo and a day at the local beach/park are on the agenda. Plus the big event will be a family BBQ with my husbands family...some of which I have not seen in a long time. So now that we have planned what, when and where we are going...that was the easy part....I now need to think through the rest of the trip....

What to eat, when I will fit in some real exercise and what my strategy will be to stay on plan(a.k.a the mental game).

Realistically my goal will be to not have a gain on the scale for the week we are away.

I have not thought through everything yet but I must admit I am a little concerned about my time away from the daily routine. If any of you have some suggestions that have helped you through a vacation...I would love to hear from you! I want to walk away from this vacation not only having had a wonderful family time but feeling great about my choices to take my new lifestyle with me WHEREVER I go!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 18

Good Day to all of my blog friends! I am so glad you are a part of my journey and life!

The scale is moving so slow...down 0.6lbs this week.
I am trying really hard to be happy about this because I know I am working hard and sticking to my plan! Besides I had not seen any movement on the scale for the last 2 weeks until today and it has only been 4 full days of sticking to the 1800 calories.

I have been eating according to an article I read this week at the Runners World website. I can honestly say that I have had alot more energy since increasing the protein portion in my diet. It is a really informative article if you are a runner. It suggests eating 50% of your calories from Carbohydrates, 25% from Fat and the other 25% from Protein. I was definitely lacking in the protein area until I read this. I have been keeping track of my food intake at the Prevention website since Wednesday. They give you a great pie graph showing the % breakdown and it is free to join! Anyone interested in checking it out it is in the section My Health Tracker, you just complete a profile and start tracking. You can not only track your food but weight, mood, measurements and more.

I don't know if it is a coincidence or not but I ran my fastest 5km this week at just over 35 minutes.