Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 and Craving Protein

Today did not start out like I would want it to but that's okay!!!!

Everything is working out!

I had my 2.5 year old son sleep with me last night because he had a sore tummy so he was up at 6:05 this morning which meant I could not exercise as soon as my hubby left for work.
I decided I would not let that bug me (it usually would) and I just cuddled with my boy and drank some coffee.

The morning went on...breakfast, clean up, some laundry and then it was time for the baby's nap. As soon as she went down I hit the living room and did all of the challenge exercises.
So Day 2 of the challenge...COMPLETE!!!

Here is a list of bloggers that have joined the 30 Day Challenge with me...if you get a chance pop over and encourage them!

If I missed you on the list and you are doing this challenge it was not on purpose and please do let me know.

Then it was time for some school lessons, more clean up and then lunch! The day was slipping away and if I was going to earn another $5 then I needed to find time to get in 20 minutes of exercise.

Nap time for 2 of the little people was going to have to be it....this is usually a time that I just mellow out but I want to make $$$$$. I got the little ones down and the other 5 watching a movie and I got on my running clothes laced up my shoes!!!
The children all questioned me...are you going for a run????
I assured them that I was going out but just in the yard to workout and I needed them to tell me when 20 minutes was up.
I started out thinking I will just run around the house but I soon became bored with that so I decided to do step ups on the deck stairs and then finished off with a couple more laps around the house.
I completed 500 Step Ups, WOW my legs are burning right now!
This was the challenge that some of the Biggest Loser contestants had to do to get on the show this season so once I started doing the step ups I decided if those people can do them in the state of fitness they were at the time and considering their weight then I will push myself to do that many too!
Long story I know just to say I managed to get my 20 minutes of exercise in today! but I was proud of myself for making it happen when recently it has seemed so easy to just not make exercise a priority. So, yeah me!

A very interesting thing has been going on with me today...I have been craving protein.
I never crave protein so this is crazy to me but I have been listening to my body and eating lots of it and not much of anything else.

I decided to google reasons why people crave protein.....I learned that one of the top reasons why is to repair muscle tissue...so when you are building muscle as in you have shredded muscle by either increasing weigh or introduce the muscle to new activity the body needs extra protein to repair those muscles.

Interesting huh?!?!?!

Maybe I am actually doing more to my muscles then I originally thought and it is only November 2nd!


  1. That's great that you didn't let stuff get you down. Which happens to be my problem sometimes. Good luck!

  2. AWESOME Christine...still contemplating if I can commit to the challenge with all the other things I do...will let you know with in the week though if I am in or out...did a few of the exercises on my run this afternoon but not all. : (
    You SHOULD feel proud...you have a lot of kidletts to work around!!!

    love and light

  3. Day 2 of challenge complete here also! Way to go Christine!! I'm so glad to be a part of this !

  4. Great job! It's cute that your kids wanted to know if you were going running. Way to go on not letting the change in schedule get your down!! You are going to rock it.

  5. Hi Christine...I tried to find out a bit more about your challenge, but couldn't find anything. I'm still trying to catch up on my favorite blogs (yours included), so you'll have to forgive me for being in the dark.

    I'm glad you're joining me in my plank challenge. I'd like to join you also once I know more about it. Thanks!!!

  6. 500 step ups... that's awesome! Good job. Sounds like you are building your muscles. :)


  7. Very interesting. Do you drink a protein shake after working out?

  8. Hi Christine! Just wanted to let you know YOU WON! I will be sending you a personal email to discover where to send the book ~ but couldn't contain myself enough to NOT post on your blog to congratulate you!

  9. Actually, if you can email me at sckakame(at)aol(dot)com that would be lovely!

  10. I ADORE the Biggest Loser!!!
    Way to go on the 500 step ups!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    I love that you didn't get upset at your lovie guy, and you chose to bend and flex with life... he will remember those snuggles, and you will not regret them either!

    Way to go making it happen today! woot woot!!!

    Eat that protein, gf! Love what you shared about it and why we crave it! Must mean you are building muscle... yay!!

    BIG hug... I am feeling so icky today, so I have chosen to not exercise and give myself some rest. I am singing a ton this weekend at a conference and need my voice.. ack! Not good to be losing it.. not good at all!