Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day Weigh In & Goals

My weigh in yesterday had me maintaining 148.5lbs.....that is awesome considering other years over the holidays would have meant a BIG gain!!!!

The recap on my goals from this past week.....
  • To continue to eat NO SUGAR!!!! (this is for health reason and not really my choice!).......Sort of did this....I did not eat sugar except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  • To not have a gain on the scale next week!.....YES!!!! No gain this week.
  • To make healthy choices in my food intake and serving size....even though Christmas holidays only come once a year I want to enjoy them by not overeating and then having to deal with the emotional roller coaster that follows that indulgence!....YES!!! I am overjoyed at my decisions this past week!
  • Exercise 4 days this week!....YES!!! Did some weight training and some cardio. I actually started a weight training program from Tosca Reno's book Best Body Now.

Today is my one year anniversary from the start of this weigh loss journey.....
I have gained loads of energy.
I have lost a total of 60.5lbs.
Lost a total of 6" off my waist, 10.5" off my waist, 7.5" off my hips, 5" off my upper legs, 1.5" off my lower legs, .75" off my ankle, 1.75" off my neck and 3" off my upper arm...that is a grand total of 30" less of ME!

I am rejoicing today for my new life!!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas to Remember

I love that this Christmas was different!

I was able to enjoy celebration meals on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day without over eating! No guilt, self loathing or regrets either!!!

I will admit that on Christmas Eve I did eat a couple more sweets than my body really needed or even wanted but still I was not in pain and feeling nauseous like most every Christmas that I can remember from the past....because of the couple extra sweets on Christmas Eve I went into tonight's dinner with a plan.

My plan was to eat a good serving of main course, then to enjoy a piece of ice cream cake that my mom makes at Christmas only.
I wanted to avoid the candies, cookies and squares that were going to be out all the time.....
What did I do???.....I had sweet potatoes (mashed), turkey, ham, boiled carrots, corn, lots of salad (no dressing on the salad) and about 1/4 cup stuffing.....then a piece of the ice cream cake....and a nibble of my sons peanut butter ball!!!

No gravy, white potatoes, buns/bread or seconds for this lady!!!!
And the best part is, I was SATISFIED!
Hmmm, Who knew?!?!?!

I call this a success!!!!

It is back to NO SUGAR again in the morning though!

Up until yesterday it had been 8 days without sugar and I felt back at it again!!

I also started weight training more intensely at the beginning of the week...WOW!!!
I am loving the feeling of that kind of workout, it is so different than cardio workouts.

I have enjoyed a ice skating and great outside walk this week too though. Nothing beats getting outside in the cold air to clear my head at the end of the day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It was a Good One

I did not lose the entire 8lbs that I gained but I did lose 5.5lbs of it this week....for a weigh in of 148.5lbs!!!
Back in the 14o's!!!

My goals this week are;

  • To continue to eat NO SUGAR!!!! (this is for health reason and not really my choice!)
  • To not have a gain on the scale next week!
  • To make healthy choices in my food intake and serving size....even though Christmas holidays only come once a year I want to enjoy them by not overeating and then having to deal with the emotional roller coaster that follows that indulgence!
  • Exercise 4 days this week!
Much blessings to you all as we celebrate the birth of Christ the Saviour!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis the Season

I am just as busy as the rest of the world right now but I wanted to share that my eating has been healthy this week with the exception of a couple of indulgences while I was away but nothing over board or anything!!!

When I was at my friends I heard a Natural Path Doctor talking on a radio program about yeast infections and how to treat them. I have been battling a yeast infection of the skin for months now so this was very interesting to me! I always try to treat any medical condition in the most natural form possible but I have not been with this condition, I have been using anti-fungal creams ....So his treatment includes Probiotic, Oil of Oregano and NO SUGAR!!!!

So today is day 2 of no sugar for me....I don't eat a lot but what I did still have in my diet has been removed for the time being and Probiotic...I can't take the Oil of Oregano because I am still nursing...hopefully the other two do the job!!!!

My weigh in is tomorrow and I know the scale is going to be far down, time will tell!

Monday, December 13, 2010

As It Should Be

Yesterday was an awesome day of eating healthy, life giving food and exercise!

I completed my December Challenge Exercises from Kelly and then did Zumba Fitness Flat Abs workout...that was an intense combo!!!

I ate completely clean all day and drank lots and lots of water!!!

And the scale says today.....151lbs!!! That is down 3 pounds overnight!

I knew that the 8lbs was not all real weight but it was nice to see that the scale was going to show me that too!

Day two of healthy eating and exercise is today....I am then off to visit a wonderful friend and family for a couple of days where I plan to eat moderately and do some walking/shopping.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which Version Will You Read

The short version of the story is................

I have been off track with my eating ! With a result of an 8 pound gain...154lbs this morning!

Now for those who want to know more details..... it is simple.....I wasn't committed and it is showing!

For the last three plus weeks I have been struggling with staying on my healthy eating course!

I have allowed myself to fall into the pit of lies that kept me in the bondage to food for so many years of "I will start again tomorrow!" and then I would overeat all day long in preparation of the 'start' time of the 'diet'!!!!
When tomorrow would come.... I would start off good, eating the way I have been for the previous 11 months which has resulted in a my weight loss but by 2 in the afternoon I would be dreaming of sugar and then soon after consuming sugar.
I even resorted back to sneaking food!!! CRAZY!!!!

For the first 2 weeks of this 3 week binge I had some good and some bad days of eating but I managed to not see a gain on the scale....I got a bit cocky... and with two birthdays this past week plus my normal hormonal gain at this time of the month I am up 8lbs from last Sunday!!!! Yikes!!!!

Time to get back to my water, workouts and eating life giving food!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I need to share with you all about the November Challenge Results!

I started the past month out strong doing the exercises everyday but then failed to keep up with all of my challenge exercises. I still did some on most days but not everyday!

That being said I still had some changes in measurements and built some more muscle.
On my waist I lost .5 of an inch and biceps I lost .25 of an inch....these are not great but they are movement in the direction I want to see.

So to keep up with these changes I decided to join Kelly in her December Challenge!
Some of these exercises look like killers....yeah for a great core!!!
That is what I will need to say as I work these exercises. lol

I am going to take now pictures and then again at the end of December along with my new measurements.