Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4

I had a wonderful morning visiting with a fellow Christian and clean eating Mama of two this morning!!!

She brought along with her a few treats for me to as I sit here typing I am enjoying 2 of the treats..... a 'Freakin Good' cup of coffee from this company and some Chocolate Coconut Snowballs.
So Yummy!!! and clean, what more could you ask for???
Maybe a foot or shoulder massage!?!?!?

I truly am a blessed woman!

I got in my challenge exercises this morning before all of the children were awake.
I love it when that happens!!
My arms are not hurting ALL the time anymore so I increased my weight for the tricep kickbacks to 10 pounds and got to feel the burn again.....I will continue to use the 10 pounds for the hammer curls also.

I think I can feel some muscle development this my imagination?
Is it possible so soon?!?!?

No!! please don't burst my bubble....let me think what I will.
I want to welcome Lanie Painie to the challenge also.

For all you ladies doing the challenge please feel free to change or modify any one of the exercises to meet your challenge level...this challenge is only to spur us on into a deeper level of strength and I would not want anyone to think just because they can't do one of the exercises exactly how the demo shows then they should not do the challenge.

Personally I struggle with the push ups....part of mine are the regular ones and the other part are the push ups on the long as we are building muscle/ strength then we are doing this challenge...hopefully by the end I will be able to do all the exercises the proper way in both sets. I am hoping anyway!!!

Eating is right on and I am scheduled to weigh in on Sunday before my meeting with the ladies!

I am trying to have a right attitude with the weigh in....I want to see a loss but a maintain will be totally acceptable right now.
I know what is really important and that is that my eating has been healthy and I am moving my body more! This is where I am at and I need to keep this focus!!!
A totally different mind set to get a hold of!!! but I am working on it.


  1. Go you ! You're doing fantastic !!!! I've had to start doing some push ups on my knees also. I think I will do wall push ups today just to change it up a little. I am LOVING this challenge! I have some FB friends doing it too! YAY!

    I am to weigh in tomorrow. I will be alright with a maintain or small gain. Sore muscles hold water. It'll release once they rebuild.

    Thanks again for this awesome challenge :)

  2. Kelly sent me your challenge via FB. Thank you for coming up with it - it is kicking my rear for now but by the end of the month it will be toast! I had surgery 10 weeks ago and my abs really need help strengthing back up. I struggle with pushups so I started doing wall ones. Otherwise I would have gave up and didn't want to do that :)
    You are doing awesome. Thanks for sharing with Kelly so she could share with me.
    Whitney L.

  3. Ooooo those coconut chocolate balls look fantastic! I am printing out that recipe and gonna me me some... I think almond slices would be fantastic in that...kind of like a almond joy?? Except Oober clean! yeah!!

    So glad you had some wonderful heart time with a friend.. that is some true filling up in a healthy way!
    And I love what you said in your comment on my post about grace... we are so quick to cheer each other on, but we don't offer ourself the same? Wonder why that is... Cat just wrote a crazy awesome comment that I am posting tomorrow... woo wee! It will encourage you too I think!! BIG love for you, my friend... xx

  4. Hi there, just found your blog and love the challenge idea. I will read up on it and start tomorrow. You have done so well, I am a follower now!

  5. Christine - you are rockin' your challenge! Way to go!
    I loved your answers to my tag - especially the 2nd one. I totally agree with that!! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat, so that as you lose fat and fain muscle, you may gain a little bit if weight as well! Another reason to not worry about the scale! You inspire me, my friend! I may try and join you for the remainder of the month... I will give it a shot!!
    I had such a great time this morning! You are a blessing to me!

  7. good on ya Christine!!!
    Awesome awesome awesome
    those coconut balls look yum yum!!
    I am sorry to say I will not be joining the challenge as I have some other things going on exercise wise, BUT I will be cheering form the side lines!

    love and light