Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Recap

This past week has been an emotional, hormonal roller coaster.....but it officially came to an end today!

Last Tuesday I had a job offer put before which would have me work from home on my own schedule. It was working as the Administrator of a First Nations Ministry close to my home. All of it sounded great but I never 'felt' right about it. My husband and I both prayed about it wanting to know what God's perfect will was in this situation. This morning I finally decided that if it didn't feel right then it probably wasn't right for me. It was hard to call the woman and decline but I had a great day after that call...I was free from that stress of trying to decide what to do.

My hormones had me all out of balance last week too. I am not sure how everyone else reacts at different times in their cycle but for me the hardest time is during ovulation. I become very grumpy, everything is a big deal and I crave food...any kind of food. So last week I had to try and deal with all of this...I did just okay...I made some really good choices and I made some not so great ones.

On the great side I worked out really hard all week. I did the Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I really like this workout...It is like the 30 Day Shred only twice as long. On Saturday evening I went for my longest run yet, 7.5km, and I did it in 57 minutes. It felt great to run for that long but my hips and knees let me know the next day that I ran a long way.

The eating side was the not so great part...I just plain ate to much of things that I really didn't need to have. By doing that I caused myself to have a lot of negative feelings about myself...the all or nothing mentality kicked in. I did alot better with this cycle than I have done in the past and I look forward to the day when I do not go down this path again.

I didn't have an official weigh in this Sunday but a sneak peek has me staying the same. This coming Sunday is the final weigh in for the Bootcamp I am a part of...this should be an interesting meeting!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Computer Problems

It has been 6 days without my computer...Ouch! On not a good time to be without my support from my bloggers.

I have missed reading and being encouraged by the lives of my favorites but I hope to get caught up over the next couple of days. I can use a good dose of good medicine right now!

I will work on a post about what has been happening with me later also. There has been some decisions in our home that are pressing and that stress mixed with hormonal ups and downs has caused a really battle for me over the last week with making healthy and positive choices with eating!!! It has been a hard week! More on that later.

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Rough Lesson

This morning started off as normal....up early to nurse the baby and then sat down to enjoy a couple of cups of coffee.

Sometime between coffee and breakfast my attitude and mood changed! I became miserable and took that out on my children. I so regret that but it was what happened.

I sent the children outside when the baby went for her morning nap and I began a disastrous fall down into previous behaviours. Negative self talk about how bad of a parent I am and how the children would be better off without me...yada, yada, yada! So then the thoughts of low self worth turned to why not just eat...that will make things better, right? NOT! but that is what I did! I eat some of this and some of that (which was all junk, stuff I never eat anymore) for a good 1.5 to 2 hours. Yuck!

I got on top of the attitude and negative self talk by mid afternoon and changed my day around but it was a sure reminder of how weak I am on my own. I needed to go to the Lord in prayer at the time when I first felt the attitude change or any time after that would have been good to. Lesson learned...I hope!

To make matters worse or to send the lesson home maybe is a better way to put it...my body rebelled against the junk I put into it and rejected it this evening by me having to spend some quality time in the bathroom with my head in the toilet. Sorry if that was to much information but it happened!

My focus is good again and I think my lessons are learned!

On a brighter note...I received my new Jillian Michael's DVD 'No More Trouble Zones' today and did part of it this evening (until I had to visit the bathroom)!
I loved it so far....hopefully I can get through it all tomorrow.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bootcamp Update

Today marks the halfway point in my Bootcamp Challenge.

I was only down 2 pounds for the last two weeks. I was definitely hoping for a better number than this but I am still happy with it.

Along with weight for Bootcamp we did our beginning measurements also. This was where I really seen a change. I lost a total of 4.25"from my body...in just two weeks!!! From my bust 1.5', waist .75", hips .75", upper leg .5", ankle .25", upper arm .5" my neck and lower leg stayed the same.

I plan to continue with what I have been doing the last two weeks with both eating and exercise which is alot of 5km walks, a couple of 3.2km runs each week, strength training at least 3 days a week and eating real foods. I don't know if I will get to the 10 pound weight loss that we are all aiming for this month but that is okay because I am feeling strong and healthy and my clothes are feeling looser. That to me is more than the number on the scale. Wow, I couldn't say that a few months ago.

Last night we hosted a BBQ at our home. Again I was able to feel NORMAL with my eating habits... Before the company arrived I had 2 plums and a yogurt so I would not be so hungry because I had been busy all day and I had not eaten alot for breakfast and lunch.
When everyone arrived I ate a small serving of chips before supper, then I enjoyed a chicken burger on a whole wheat bun, a small serving of potatoe salad and macaroni salad (like 2 tbsp. of each) and then filled my plate with raw vegetables. I then had a tea and a normal serving of apple crisp and ice cream. In the past I would have made a pig of myself with the before supper chips, eat lots of the creamy salads with supper and then had an additional large serving of apple crisp and ice cream after everyone left. I am so thankful for this normal eating victory!

I will leave you all with a couple of pictures taken last weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Time just keeps on slipping away on me!

I think of things I am going to share here with you but then by the time I get a chance to sit down and write, everything I have thought of is either old news or I can't think of what it was I was going to share.

Things are going well with eating and exercise though!

On this Sunday past I went on a dinner date with my husband and it was lovely. We went out to a restaurant not far from where we live. On the way to dinner my thoughts were on the idea of breaking my Dessert Fast at Day 98 which was that day or going to 100 Days. I decided to break it at 98 days because I knew we didn't have someone to watch the children on Tuesday anymore so it would mean that my Ice Cream date would be postponed. After a lovely meal I ordered a piece of Mad About Chocolate Cheese and a coffee, it was truly enjoyable and a wonderful way to end a fast.

Since that day I have felt a freedom in my soul that I have never felt before! It is not something I can explain but the feeling is so great! Like I am free to be NORMAL with desserts now...I believe that is it! Normal people are not consumed by when, where and how to get their sweet fix, they just enjoy one when it comes along. I hope that makes sense to you!?

I didn't weigh in on Sunday because that is a part of my Bootcamp Challenge but this Sunday I will be and I am hoping for a nice number.

I ordered a new DVD today....Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones. I am hoping this DVD will target my core because this is the area that still needs work.

Sorry I have been so inconsistent with my entries here and I hope that some of you are still checking in on me. I have been reading all about you and commenting when I can. Blessings to you all!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Challenge

I am still here and going strong!

Last weekend away with my Mom and the baby was a great quiet time. I sat around reading while the baby slept and went out for a run another time while she was sleeping. We went and did some shopping and then I pushed the stroller through some pretty hilly terrain for a nice hike. It was certainly a time of relaxation, the cottage was right on the water and it was so peaceful to drink my morning coffee as the sun rose over the lake.

On Monday I met up with the ladies that I have been losing weight with...I was declared the winner of the present challenge with a 20% body weight loss over the last 23 weeks. I must tell you it is so incredible to see the changes in all of the ladies. In total we lost a combine weight of over 160lbs!!!! and that is just 6 of us.

We are changing things up a bit for this next round and we are doing a Bootcamp kind of thing...where we each pick a target outfit, take before photos and measurements then work our butts off for the next 4 weeks with the aim of dropping 10 pounds and/or being able to wear the target outfit more easily. We are not weighing weekly for this challenge, just at the half way point and then at the four week point.

So this week I started to incorporate more weight training and longer workouts at a higher intensity! I feel great physically! I look forward to this challenge to really tone myself up!

This is my target outfit. The dress is suppose to do up in the back so I have a fair bit of work to get this on nicely! I hope to wear it on a dinner date with my hubby before the summer is out.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Week 23 Weigh In

Today I leave for a weekend away with my mom and the baby so I am weighing in early.

We are going to a cottage for 2 days not that far from home but away.

This has been a great week...I changed things up this week with eating and exercise with a great result.

I was down 4 pounds! Four lovely pounds! That puts me only 8 pounds from my goal.

(I am probably going to lower that goal by 10 but for now I can say I have 8 pounds to go.)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I am off to get packed.