Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Taking Baby Steps

It has been a crazy week and a half.
I wanted to post on the weekend but life with a new born is busy never mind helping out with the rest of the family. So I will quickly post now before baby wakes up.

I did journal my food all last week and seen a drop on the scale of 2 lbs.

On Thursday, last week, my midwife gave me the go ahead to start (SLOWLY) walking again, so that is what I did. I have walked everyday, except one, since then and I am up to about 25 minutes daily now.
It feels great even though it has been crazy hot here!
My mom bought us (the baby and I) a new jogging stroller & car seat  combo so I can safely take the baby on walks and eventually running with me. I am really enjoying it!

I am also getting back into eating clean, whole foods are often than the other junk that had seemed to become my go to foods.

Baby is crying so off I go now.......

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby Steps

My sweet little boy is 2 weeks old now and he is a dream baby! He sleeps and eats...that is it, he only cries when I change his diaper. I am getting a lot of rest and have recovered from the c-section very quickly.
If all my babies were this easy I would have a dozen more...joking!

Since I am feeling so great I have decided that I will start to make baby steps towards healthy living.
I can not start to exercise, walking for another week and weight training for another month,  so for this week I am going to focus on just journaling my food.
No counting calories or making sure I am eating enough of any certain food but just the habit of journaling and more so making myself aware of what I am putting into my body by having to write it down.

I did do my measurements and weight yesterday so I have a starting place in that area...I love to see progress with numbers!!!

Here they are;
Weight 187lbs
Waist 40.5
Hips 43
Bust 37
Upper Arm 14
Upper Leg 23.5

My goal weight will be the lowest I got after having Amanda which was 147lbs!
I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am up for the challenge of being a healthy, trim and fit Mama of 7!!!