Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am a Winner!

Not much time to post today but I had to share the news that I won this book from Mrs. Shelia!

I got in Day Three of the 30 Day Challenge!
I would love to hear from you ladies that are doing this challenge with me on how your muscles are feeling and what, if any, weight size are you using for the arm exercises.
My arms on the inside of the elbow are really feeling it!!! I mean pain and not just during the push ups but at all times right now. Ouchy!!!
The bicycle crunches and abdominal twists are really hard for me to do, that should translate into some muscle...I hope!

Got to run...have a great day!!!


  1. I'm not doing the challenge so I can't answer your questions. I just wanted to say congrats on winning the book and thanks for sticking with me!

  2. absolutely you ARE a winner!!!!

    love and light

  3. Ohhhh nice! She was my favorite. will have see if our library has this book. I already have the one Ali wrote on order at the library :)

  4. Christine...thanks for the link. I do remember reading this. I'd love to do this challenge but have a problem with the crunches due to a hiatal hernia...hence the reason I do planks instead. All this to say I'd love to do the challenge with a few modifications!!! What do you think?

    Congratulations on the book. Julie Hadden was my all time favorite BL contestant. I related so much to her during the show. I'm glad she has a book. I think I need to scout it out.


  5. Hi Chriatine!
    Yup, I can relate, but it's more my shoulders that feel the pain.I haven't done the challenge today yet. As soon as I can get away from the computer, I will!
    Am I doing something wrong if it's my shoulders that hurt and not so much my arms?
    I checked the videos on some of the exercises to make sure I was doing them right.
    Also I'm coming down with the flu, so I might be more achy due to that.
    Otherwise... wish I had an bookstore here with American titles...
    Hugs, Casey

  6. You will ALWAYS be a winner in my book!

  7. WTG Christine!!

    Day 3 challenge.. went better than day 2! My muscles are sore, but bearable. My lower abs from the reverse crunches.. OUCHIE !!! I am LOVING this challenge. Using 10 lb weights also.

    Keep on kicking it! :)

  8. You have good luck with winning things!!!!

    Yes, the protein powder I have is better quality and all natural. I will FB you the information. You might be able to get it through a Natural Medicine Dr. or something. Otherwise,I could send you some.