Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last year at this time......
I was recovering from a C-section...the birth of our sixth child!
Nursing a new born every 2-3 hours.
Getting very little sleep.
Teaching my older children.
Helping my husband with household tasks. (When he let me!)
Eating anything and everything with no control!
A whole can of Poppycock was my favorite snack about 2-3 times a week, if I could not get it then Crunch & Munch would have to do!
Going up stairs to shower daily was the most exercise I did or even wanted to do.
I weighed over 210lbs.

Things have sure changed since last year!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Counting Calories

Yesterday I decided to start tracking how many calories I eat to make sure I am not eating over my 1800 calories daily.

Since I have not had major weight loss since the summer I was sure my calories must be going over my physical need and this would explain the slow loss.

I am shocked to find out just the opposite must be happening!!!!

I probably have been consuming WAY to little of calories and therefore my body is holding on to very last bit of energy I have been giving it to prepare for a famine!

Why do I think this?????

Since starting to track; just yesterday (I know my prediction may be premature), I have been having to eat a lot more than I usually do in order to reach my calorie intake number.

I feel STUFFED like a turkey eating all I need to!!!! (that is for my American friends!)

So far today I have consumed just over 900 calories and I only have supper and maybe a snack left to have.....right now I am so full that I can't imagine that I will want a snack.

This is what I have had to eat....
1 cup Steel Cut Oats 150 cal.
1/2 Banana 63 cal.
1 tbsp. Almond Butter 101 cal.
1/4 cup 2% milk 31 cal.
2 tsp. maple syrup flakes 10 cal.

Morning Boost
Honey crisp Apple 125 cal.
1 oz. Havarti Cheese 106 cal.
6 Mary's Organic Crackers 66 cal.

1 whole egg 75 cal.
3 egg whites 51 cal.
9 Tater Tots 150 cal.

Supper is going to be Vegetarian Pizza on Gluten Free Crust...I like to load my pizza with every veggie in the fridge and very little this meal is not going to take me to 1800 calories...according to Sparks Nutrition Tracker my pizza will be approximately 550 calories (this is being generous) leaving me with about 400 more calories to get in after that.....I really don't know how I am going to do that!!!

This is really not a terrible thing to have to face but is very interesting!!!

I have said all this just to say that I am going to continue to track my calories and make sure I am eating enough.....and hopefully the scale will continue to move down and even more quickly!!!

Just so you know....1800 calories may sound like a lot of calories to some and it does to me too but I have to remind myself that I am still nursing a baby at least 6 times a day if not more I can not lower my intake.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 18th - 23rd, 2010

Well, well, well! It has been 6 days since my last post...the time goes so fast!

There has been a lot going on so I will just start at Thursday....I went to Zumba again and totally loved it! I invited a few ladies out so I got to see some friends and workout with was awesome and I am looking forward to it again this week!

On Saturday I went away with my mom and the baby to Sudbury which is the closest city to us where all the big name stores are.
The plan was to shop until we dropped or the baby could not handle it anymore, and we did just that !

I was able to find a great number of items that I was looking for and can not get here on the Island...gluten free wraps, bread and pancake mix were my most exciting buys.
So far I have tried the wraps and they are great tasting.

I did find the famous Ezekiel Bread & english muffins but was disappointed to find out that they were not glutton least the ones I found were not glutton free.
Boo! I was so looking forward to trying it!

My mom bought me new workout pants and 2 new workout shirts, I was in need of both of these things...the best news is they were both size medium.

I treated myself to a new winter hat, scarf and a beautiful blue....I love feeling free enough to buy colours and not be content to try and blend in to the background. Freedom!!!

I also had a drink from Starbucks for the FIRST time ever and I was NOT disappointed....Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha....I so enjoyed it and I did not even care what the calories were in it. It was a treat!!

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend away.

Sunday evening began the great battle of the thoughts and eating binge that I seem to be going through every three or so weeks.... It was different this time because I just had the 'I don't care' attitude...I ate what ever and when ever from Sunday evening through to Monday night at about 9pm....I have no idea how many calories I consumed and I don't even want to know...I ate just plain junk and I felt like crap the whole time. Blah!

By 9pm last night I was not in a good place but than I had a great talk with my husband who brought things into perspective... I was feeling like all my work was undone over the last 2 days and I must weigh 200 pounds again and would need my size 18 jeans back.

I love and thank God that he gave me this wonderful man that is truly my helpmate in all things. He can speak just the right words at the right time and it all comes together for me.

I was sharing with my hubby that I was thinking of just eating fruits and vegetables until Christmas to get rid of this weight and get over this terrible cycle I have been going through...not a logical thought process!
So hubby says to me...."What life is there in that? That just sounds like torture!"
He then proceeded to say "Just eat your calories each day and live life!"....then it clicked for me.

I just need to be consistent...have more good eating days than bad ones....this isn't new to me but for some reason I had lost this fact in my struggle lately. I started to come above water and could feel life in me again.
I woke up this morning in a fighting mood.....fighting against the enemy of my mind that is.

Today has been a great day for eating and I feel on top of things again.

To make things even better I stopped at a second hand store in a community close to us this afternoon and picked up a pair of jeans and a pair of dress pants...both in size thinking at the time was I will soon be wearing them.
I came home and tried them on....they both fit perfectly, right now!
I think I need to go through my closet and drawers and get rid of the size 12 pants that are in there.

So basically, life is busy, good and I am still in the game and fighting this battle against obesity for my sake and the sake of my family!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Do

Yesterday I didn't have much time to exercise so I went out for a fast 3km run....I pushed myself to a faster pace and I sure felt it when I got lungs had that burning feeling!

Today has been busy too but I plan on getting in a strength training
workout when I am done posting.

I spent this morning cleaning furniture and carpets with the Rug Doctor vacuum.
I was completely amazed at the dirty!! Yuck!

After all that cleaning I went to get my hair cut.....some thing new and I like it!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Much to Say...HA!

There is so much going on in my life right now but nothing exciting enough to share with you all!

Okay I do have a couple of things I should talk about.....

#1 I have been getting in consistent workouts and doing the November 30 Day challenge most days, I am really feeling the muscles develop and I LOVE that!!! I can see definition again in the places where it had seemed to disappear over the last 4-6 weeks. I enjoy feeling strong!

#2 My eating has been on plan but I am really struggling with not being able to eat wheat....I didn't realize just how many foods I eat that contain wheat.
Did I mention already that the doctor confirmed my suspicion that I am definitely showing signs of a wheat allergy and recommended that I refrain from eating it?!?!?

The biggest issue I have had is when I want a sandwich!!!...but this weekend I am going away with my mom for a night in the 'big city' near us and I plan on making a stop at a health food store I have been told about and getting a loaf of bread and wraps that are made with brown rice flour.
Sometimes a lady just NEEDS a slice of bread!!!

#3 Not weighing myself is a huge deal....why???? I wish I had all the answers but I don't.... maybe someone has some insight they can share with me!?!?!?!
I scale is actually gone out of sight and I am not sure where it is which is good because I SO want to get on it to reassure myself that I am doing okay.
But after the issue with my daughter last week I asked my husband to put the scale away so she can not use it and I don't need it until December 5th when I will weigh in again with my group so he got rid of it from its usual location.... so until my next scheduled WI I must resist the urge to hunt down the scale!

That turned out to be quite a long post for someone that didn't have much to say!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Zumba Class

I am enjoying the opportunity to get in some physical exercise the last couple of days!
Oh how I have missed my exercise!!!
This seems funny for me to be saying because I have NEVER been one to be active until this year.....God is sure changing my WHOLE being. Praise God!!!

Yesterday I did my November Challenge exercises and went for a 6km run in the afternoon while the children had their quiet time with Daddy...I had not been out for a run in about a month and it felt great to be running again.
I did some sprints between hydro poles which was new to me too...I have been reading that doing the bursts of more intense activity helps boost your metabolism.

Then after supper I went to my first ever Zumba was so much fun!!!
I can't wait until next Thursday to go again!

I thought I was in pretty good shape...HA... but today I am feeling some muscles in my arms and back that were not sore yesterday...I am not sure if it was the running or Zumba but I am just happy to be feeling them...I know I worked!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank You & He is Back

First things first............a HUGE Thank You to all that offered up prayers, words of encouragement and support for me from my post yesterday!
I sure needed it and felt the love.
I am still working through some things but I am on the way up to the top!!!
My heart is lighter and I know God is walking this out with me....I feel a new sense of freedom coming!
Thanks again!!!!!

Today my husband finished the the job he was doing and was laid off!
The company he was working for is suppose to be back in the spring next year to do more road construction and he will be recalled they told him yesterday...until then or if something else comes along I have him home!!!
I am super excited about that!!!!

My stress level drops dramatically when he is around because he shares all the work around the house with me except the teaching of the children plus now I will have time to exercise daily again!!!!

It does mean though that I will not be posting as much anymore (I will miss this), when I take a break during the day and he is home I usually sit with him and chat time with my hubby is so precious to me.....I will still post probably at least 2 times a week!
So don't forget about me and I will be checking in on you all as often as I can.

I am still doing my November Challenge exercises and I will share that I already have a difference in my measurements in both upper arm and waist.
WOO HOO!!!! I am super excited to see the difference after the whole 30 days.
We can do this ladies!!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The View from the Valley

How is it that I can go from being on top of mountain proclaiming life and freedom one day and overnight be falling head first into the valley?!?!?!?

This is where I am at today......looking at the mountain above me and wondering if and how I am going to climb out of this low place.
I am just going to write how this comes to my mind and it may not make much sense to you all but....Sorry!
Feel free to skip reading if you want!
No offense will be taken!
I just need to get this off my heart!

It all began yesterday when my 11 almost 12 year old daughter came downstairs in the morning and announced to me that she was only eating fruits and vegetables for the day!
I questioned her as to why she would want to do this....with some creative conversation on my part it was revealed that she did not want to get 'fat'.................I wanted to just cry and I still do want to right now!

What kind of an example have I been to her????

I have never hidden the fact from my family that I have a problem with eating and I talk freely with my husband about eating, bondage to food, about my dislike for my body.

I need to talk through the process of walking out my freedom from this addiction...but it is now time to start picking and choosing when I discuss the things I am going through with my husband...I never had gave thought to the fact that the children all hear about it too because I talk whenever I feel like it.

Seriously when I think about it...if my addiction was to something else like drugs, pornography etc........
I WOULD HAVE NEVER DISCUSS IT IN FRONT OF THE why did I think it would not effect my children if I discussed my food addiction and how I hate the way I look????


So from today on I am going to be much more aware of what I am discussing and when...I know I can change and I am hoping that it is not to late for my daughter to 'forget' about how I have talked....I do not want her to struggle with the same issues I fight.

I am feeling actually very down about how my stupidity may have lasting negative effects on my children...I would never do anything to hurt them on purpose and I am SO mad at my self for not realizing this before now.

I heart is grieving today and I need to draw closer to God right now with all of this because my natural instinct is to eat my self sick...I have already spoke to Him about it but I still feel so burdened by it all!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 6, 7 & 8

What a wonderful weekend I had!

To start the weekend off my husband was home early on Friday afternoon and then off for the ENTIRE weekend!!!
That was nice!

I took a quick trip to the city near us (2 hour drive one way!) on Saturday to look for some wheat free food for me and other items that I just can not get here where I live.
I came away from the Bulk Barn with so many neat ingredients to make some yummy stuff!
My some of my finds included....chia seeds, gluten free pizza mix, brown rice spiral pasta, Larabars (3 different kinds), coconut oil, agave nectar, red quinoa and pine nuts.
I will go going again soon to get some more stuff!

I plan on trying some new recipes this week and will let you all know how they turn out as I make them....the first thing I am going to make is Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins.
They sound yummy!

I had my weigh in on Sunday....down one pound to 146lbs!
My original goal was to be 155lbs by November 7th, 2010..... I blew that one out of the water.
Why did I pick November 7th you ask?!?!? because......

On November 7th, 2009 I gave birth to my little sweet Amanda!
and I wanted to be 155lbs when we celebrated her first birthday!
Back in December when I made that goal it seemed almost unreasonable in the way of not attainable in less than a year!!! but I did it!!!

It has been a really, really quick year for me!
My little Amanda came into this world 5 weeks premature and sooo tiny....look at her NOW!

Here she is eating her sugar laden cake....I was going to be a 'good' Mama and make her a sugar and egg free cake but going to Sudbury shopping on Saturday won and something had to give from the schedule and it ended up being her homemade cake!
I must say she did love her cake ALOT!!! It was her first experience with sugar.

I took Saturday off from the challenge exercises but did get them in both Sunday and today.
I am definitely feeling the strength that I am building from these exercises!!
Hopefully by the end of the month I will not be grunting during some of them!!!
The abdominal twists are a killer for me!

Blessings all!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5 and New Tabs

I don't have much time to post has been a DAY!!!

I had to take my little girl to the hospital to have her thumb examined to make sure she had not broken it and the time spent there took a big chunk out of my afternoon.
Time well spent though because Mama can rest knowing her thumb is badly bruised but NOT broken!

Anyway I need to go and do my challenge exercises as soon as I am done here but I wanted to point out a few tabs at the top of the blog that I just added.

I will work on them more when time permits!!

Blessings to you all!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4

I had a wonderful morning visiting with a fellow Christian and clean eating Mama of two this morning!!!

She brought along with her a few treats for me to as I sit here typing I am enjoying 2 of the treats..... a 'Freakin Good' cup of coffee from this company and some Chocolate Coconut Snowballs.
So Yummy!!! and clean, what more could you ask for???
Maybe a foot or shoulder massage!?!?!?

I truly am a blessed woman!

I got in my challenge exercises this morning before all of the children were awake.
I love it when that happens!!
My arms are not hurting ALL the time anymore so I increased my weight for the tricep kickbacks to 10 pounds and got to feel the burn again.....I will continue to use the 10 pounds for the hammer curls also.

I think I can feel some muscle development this my imagination?
Is it possible so soon?!?!?

No!! please don't burst my bubble....let me think what I will.
I want to welcome Lanie Painie to the challenge also.

For all you ladies doing the challenge please feel free to change or modify any one of the exercises to meet your challenge level...this challenge is only to spur us on into a deeper level of strength and I would not want anyone to think just because they can't do one of the exercises exactly how the demo shows then they should not do the challenge.

Personally I struggle with the push ups....part of mine are the regular ones and the other part are the push ups on the long as we are building muscle/ strength then we are doing this challenge...hopefully by the end I will be able to do all the exercises the proper way in both sets. I am hoping anyway!!!

Eating is right on and I am scheduled to weigh in on Sunday before my meeting with the ladies!

I am trying to have a right attitude with the weigh in....I want to see a loss but a maintain will be totally acceptable right now.
I know what is really important and that is that my eating has been healthy and I am moving my body more! This is where I am at and I need to keep this focus!!!
A totally different mind set to get a hold of!!! but I am working on it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am a Winner!

Not much time to post today but I had to share the news that I won this book from Mrs. Shelia!

I got in Day Three of the 30 Day Challenge!
I would love to hear from you ladies that are doing this challenge with me on how your muscles are feeling and what, if any, weight size are you using for the arm exercises.
My arms on the inside of the elbow are really feeling it!!! I mean pain and not just during the push ups but at all times right now. Ouchy!!!
The bicycle crunches and abdominal twists are really hard for me to do, that should translate into some muscle...I hope!

Got to run...have a great day!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 and Craving Protein

Today did not start out like I would want it to but that's okay!!!!

Everything is working out!

I had my 2.5 year old son sleep with me last night because he had a sore tummy so he was up at 6:05 this morning which meant I could not exercise as soon as my hubby left for work.
I decided I would not let that bug me (it usually would) and I just cuddled with my boy and drank some coffee.

The morning went on...breakfast, clean up, some laundry and then it was time for the baby's nap. As soon as she went down I hit the living room and did all of the challenge exercises.
So Day 2 of the challenge...COMPLETE!!!

Here is a list of bloggers that have joined the 30 Day Challenge with me...if you get a chance pop over and encourage them!

If I missed you on the list and you are doing this challenge it was not on purpose and please do let me know.

Then it was time for some school lessons, more clean up and then lunch! The day was slipping away and if I was going to earn another $5 then I needed to find time to get in 20 minutes of exercise.

Nap time for 2 of the little people was going to have to be it....this is usually a time that I just mellow out but I want to make $$$$$. I got the little ones down and the other 5 watching a movie and I got on my running clothes laced up my shoes!!!
The children all questioned me...are you going for a run????
I assured them that I was going out but just in the yard to workout and I needed them to tell me when 20 minutes was up.
I started out thinking I will just run around the house but I soon became bored with that so I decided to do step ups on the deck stairs and then finished off with a couple more laps around the house.
I completed 500 Step Ups, WOW my legs are burning right now!
This was the challenge that some of the Biggest Loser contestants had to do to get on the show this season so once I started doing the step ups I decided if those people can do them in the state of fitness they were at the time and considering their weight then I will push myself to do that many too!
Long story I know just to say I managed to get my 20 minutes of exercise in today! but I was proud of myself for making it happen when recently it has seemed so easy to just not make exercise a priority. So, yeah me!

A very interesting thing has been going on with me today...I have been craving protein.
I never crave protein so this is crazy to me but I have been listening to my body and eating lots of it and not much of anything else.

I decided to google reasons why people crave protein.....I learned that one of the top reasons why is to repair muscle when you are building muscle as in you have shredded muscle by either increasing weigh or introduce the muscle to new activity the body needs extra protein to repair those muscles.

Interesting huh?!?!?!

Maybe I am actually doing more to my muscles then I originally thought and it is only November 2nd!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 1 and Clean Baby Food

Today is the first of November and the first day of the 30 Day Challenge.

I got my exercises in this morning first thing...I am feeling those muscles a bit right now.
In a good way! I love it when my body sends those signals to say "Thanks for moving me!".

I did the 30 Day Shred yesterday and after no exercise for so long I was already feeling some soreness before starting today's workout.

On top of the challenge exercises today I did 30 Dead man Lifts with 5 lb weights, 30 Jumping Jacks, 30 leg lifts on each side, 30 push ups and 30 of another ab exercise but I am not sure of the name of it.
All of these plus the challenge ones got me over the 20 minutes of exercise and so I 'earned' my next $5.oo!

It has been a bit of a battle to not step on the scale to see how I am doing....I know that I have been eating great and now 2 days of exercising but the old me wants the scale to tell me I am doing great!!! but I will continue to ignore the desire to go there and will give myself the affirmation I need!

I started last week researching some 'clean' and real food ideas to feed to my baby...she will be one on Sunday!! and she does not want baby food.....only table food so I am trying to find some new ideas to make for her instead of the what I would have fed my little ones at this stage before going off of processed food.
I found one great site with tons of ideas that I wanted to share!

Have a blessed day to you, my blogging friends!!