Friday, April 30, 2010


Today has been a day of reflection for me. I love these days...they are so motivating!

I decided on Wednesday that I needed to look seriously at my calorie intake because I have been sitting in the 170's since the beginning of April. I felt like I was juggling the same weight around and not really dropping it!!

My intake has been low, like around 1300 calories as I have shared before. This I am discovering is too low for a breastfeeding mom who is working out everyday. It totally goes against everything in me to eat more calories to lose weight but I have decided to give it a really honest effort. So my plan is to eat 1800 calories daily for the next 2 weeks and see what happens. I am feeling positive about this change but time will tell!

One of my goals on this journey was to be able to wear my wedding band again. It has been over 3 years since I have been able to wear it at all. This week I put it on to try it and it fits. Still a bit snug but I have been able to wear it for 75% of the day at least before it feels restrictive. It feels so nice to wear it again!

Today was the day for me to do my measurements. Here are the results;
Area, Today's Measurement , Dec. 27 Measurement, Total Lost for that Area
Bust, 37.25 , 41 , -3.75
Waist, 36.25, 42.5, -6.25
Hips, 39.75, 44.5, -4.75
Upper Leg, 21.75, 25, -3.25
Lower Leg, 14, 15, -1
Ankle, 8.5, 9, -.5
Neck, 13.75, 14.75, -1
Upper Arm, 13.25, 15, -1.75

Total inches worked off of my body are 22.25 so far!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am so excited!!!
I have decided that I am going to train to do two races in the fall.
I don't plan on winning either but I will finish them.

The first one is a 5km race called the Mindemoya Fun Run on October 3rd and the other one is a 10km run called the Wiky Road Runner on October 17th.

One of my weight loss goals is to be at my goal weight by my baby's first birthday on November 7th....both these races are so close to that time and I know I will be so close to that goal (maybe I will even be there) and I think doing these races will be such a triumph to this journey.

Now to plan my training schedule, if anyone has used a program that worked for them please share it with me. Money is a factor though.. I can't afford to buy any membership or anything like that for a training program but I am sure there must be some free ones out there. Maybe I don't even need an actual schedule and can build myself up to the 10km, hey I did it for 5km already without any program. What are your thoughts on this?

I am super excited!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Seventeen

Well there was no change on the scale today....I was a bit shocked and disappointed with this because of the great week with eating and exercising that I had but I will work through this and it is onward I go.

I stayed the same at 176.4lbs!
I did a quick peek at my measurements and there is movement there so I am happy about that!

Friday, April 23, 2010


What a great week I have been having!
The weather here has been sooo is hard to stay inside and do what has to get done.

My eating has been right on this week, if anything it is a bit on the low side for calorie intake. I had two days where baby was on the second day I decided to track my calories on Prevention to just make sure my supply was turned out that I had only had about 1200 calories those two days...way to low for breastfeeding! I increased and no more grumpy to love that cure!

With exercise this week I have switched it up a bit!
I did two 5km runs and have got my best time of 36 mins. and 30 seconds on the last one, I also did a 7.4km bike ride....that was so much like fun it didn't seem like exercise.
The other two days have been DVD work outs...One day of the Shred and one day of Biggest Boot Camp.
I have added to my nightly routine a set of push ups and sit ups....only 20 of each for now. Since I had my first child I have never been able to do a full sit up and had to do crunches but NOW...I can do them again!! I feel so proud of this, I don't know why it means so much to me but it has.

This week I challenged myself and the other ladies I weigh in with to NOT step on the scale until weigh in day (Sunday). This has been extremely hard for me but I am not about to give in...I have a dependency problem with that stinking piece of metal. lol and it isn't going to get the best of me this week. I have been telling myself that the scale can only show what I already know....and that is that I have had a fantastic week! Positive self talk!
Did you know that there is such a thing as a talking scale? Like I want that, Oh My, I swear the thing calls my name as it is... never mine announcing the number too. lol

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be here on Sunday with a report.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Daybook for April 20th

Here is my Simple Woman's Daybook for today!

Outside my window...
the sun is shining it is an absolutely beautiful day. The trees are bursting with buds.

I am thinking... about the scripture that talks about the sins of the fathers being past down to the next generation and how this effects my life.

I am thankful for... a new friendship that is forming.

From the learning rooms... My two oldest girls joined a reading club through the library so they have been reading a lot of different books, quickly I might add.

From the kitchen... It is all cleaned up and ready for the next meal.

I am wearing...
blue jeans and a brown sweater.

I am going...
to go for a bike ride while the little ones nap this afternoon. It is so beautiful outside to not go out.

I am reading... Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell

I am hoping...
to go an see two dear friends who moved far away very soon. I miss them very much.

I am hearing... nothing but the clicking of my keyboard.

Around the house...
we are cleaning windows and getting out all of the outside toys.

One of my favorite things... is having fresh cut flowers in the house.

A few plans for the rest of the week.... so far it looks like a quiet week with no big plans.
Let's hope it stays that way!!

Read other entries by checking out Peggy's host site....I always enjoy them and I am sure you will too!


You all know that I weigh in weekly with five other ladies but I don't think I have mentioned before that the person with the largest percentage of a loss each weeks gets to put out a challenge for everyone to fulfil.
This week it was my turn! Lately I have been having a hard time not snacking after supper so this was my challenge to everyone.

I have also I decided I AM NOT stepping on the scale until Sunday morning...with these two changes for me this week it should be interesting and hopefully insightful.

Yesterday for my anniversary my husband and I decided we would like Chinese food, the place where we get it from is one hour away from our house. My husband volunteered me to go get it...which I was fine with...while I was out I went into a Mark's Work Warehouse with my Mom where she bought me a new outfit!! Yeah!! New clothes are not something I get very often. I was so happy to pick off the rack size 12 shorts/skorts and they all fit just right!! I came home with a black skort and purple dressy t-shirt.

I got out for a run again today...5.2km in 37 minutes. Each week I am planning on adding a bit of distance until I get to 10km.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week Sixteen

BYE, bye water weight......I hope to not go through a water retention gain again for a long time!!!
I weighted in this morning at 176.4lbs, that is a 5lb loss from last week. I managed to lose the 3lb water gain from last week and also lose 2 ponds of the real stuff. YEAH!!

This week it has felt great to be able to exercise again, my vertigo is completely gone! I seem to take for granted my health and then something like vertigo hits and I am put out of commission. I then realize that my health is so precious to me and my family. It is a reminder to me that this is why I need to lose weight....I want to be able to play and run with not only my children but their children too! I never again want to be the mom that chooses to sit and watch because I just don't have the energy to get up and be involved.

Looking forward to a beautiful day as my husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage today...nothing real special happening but it is our day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Life this week

What a whirl wind of a week. It was just Tuesday and now it is Friday! Where did that week go????
I have been reading all of your blogs but have not had a chance to post. Sick children (nothing serious just a yucky nose and cough.) and busy with daycare children this week.

It has been a GREAT week for me with eating and exercising.
I got in 2 -5km runs, 1 -3.5km run and 2 Biggest Loser Boot camp workouts.
My body is feeling strong and firmer this week. Yeah, the firmness that I refer to can not be seen yet but soon the layer of fat will go gone and left will be some muscle. I look forward to that day!!

I have been considering getting rid of my scale after my last weigh-in in June with my weight loss ladies here in town. For those that are newer to my blog, I weigh in weekly and report to five other ladies. We support and encourage each other. We also have a little bit of a wager going...the person with the highest % of weight loss gets the money in June. Not alot of money but some. Anyway the reason I think I may lose the scale is because it controls how I feel so much.....I may be feeling great about my efforts but if the scale says I am up well to say it nicely....I get a little discouraged. Then if I have cheated a little and the scale doesn't show it then I get cocky!!! Either way I know it isn't healthy!! Stepping on the scale actually is a bit obsessive for me....don't think any less of me for this, please.

So for the next 2 months I will keep my commitment to weekly weigh -ins and then after that make a final decision.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanks!!! and Simple Woman's Daybook

I want to start by Thanking you all that have given me support and wisdom through your comments this past weekend. You are a true blessing in my life!

I am feeling much dizziness since Sunday night and was able to get a 5 km run in yesterday and should get out soon for another one. It felt great to exercise again!!!

I had a sneak peek at the scale this morning and I am down almost 4 pounds since Sunday's weigh I know for sure it was water retention that put me up on Sunday!! I will not record this number of course but it was good to see.

Here is my Simple Woman's Daybook entry for can see more entries by checking out the link to Peggy's host site.

Outside my window...the sun is shining, clothes on the line are blowing in the gentle breeze and the younger children are riding their bikes.

I am thinking...what a great life of freedom I have.

I am thankful health and the health of my family and friends.

From the learning rooms...we are working through the normal workbooks with hopes of completing them by the end of 8-9 more weeks.

From the kitchen...the dishwasher is done, the meat is thawing for supper and I think I am going to bake something but I don't know what yet.

I am sweater, green pants and my running shoes.

I am creating...absolutely nothing.....

I am go grocery shopping later this morning.

I am reading...the same books as last week but I am going to start reading Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell again. I love this book...I have read it twice before and learned something new each time.
I am hoping...that I can finish this post without another interruption. (I started to type at like 7am and it is now 10am!! what a busy morning it has been!!)

I am hearing...the washing machine hum and the little boys play with their cars.
Around the house...a lot of busyness today...

One of my favorite things...freshly washed sheets on my bed that were hung on the clothes line to dry.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Awana tonight and then no other big plans.

Here is picture for thought...sometimes I wish I could eat with my hands!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week Fifteen

I had the chance to dwell on the things that I know are true....
  • The number on the scale does not define who I am.
  • The situation that is keeping me from exercising this week is out of my control and that as soon as I am physically capable of getting back at my exercise I will.
  • I have eaten in a healthy & moderate way this week. (Thanks for noticing "C"!)
  • The big picture shows me that I have changed in many ways. (Thanks Dawne for pointing this out!)

So despite that the scale showed a 3 pound gain I will have to believe that for some reason my body is reacting to the vertigo and is holding on to water because I know that I did not eat enough extra calories to show even a 1lb gain.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The day before my weigh in....

I am one big ball of emotions today!
I have went 14 weeks with consistent losing on the scale and I am really afraid that tomorrow will see an end to this. I am not ready to face that reality.....

I have been sick with dizziness since last weekend so I have not been able to exercise at all since Monday. I have had 2 chiropractor adjustments and seen a nurse practitioner in hopes of relief but I have not had any. I have tried two times to exercise and I just get so nauseated from the spinning that I have to stop. For me losing weight only comes with exercise so when I don't get in what I need I can pretty much guarantee a gain.

To add to the lack of movement I have also been extra hungry for some unknown reason. I have not had to deal with the actual feeling of hunger and not being satisfied before. In the past I would just eat whatever I wanted until I felt full (and beyond)....this time I have been eating lots of fruit, veggies and proteins on top of my meals to try and fill the need but nothing has helped. This week I have tried to figure out why this is happening but I have no answer...if anyone has a suggestion please share it.

I am happy with my eating choices this week but I am scared of the scale. For me this is an emotional battle as much as the physical one and I have not figured out how I am going to handle this for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. My hope is that this spinning head goes away soon and I can get back to my normal routine....but what if it doesn't and I have to deal with it for another week or long can I hold onto hope with out resorting back to my past eating struggles???? I need to go and get alone with God and try and find my peace!!! because I can't do it on my own!!!

Sorry for the downer post....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This week has been terrible!!

I have been eating well (I have been extra hungry but have made good healthy choices) but not getting in a lot of exercise because I have some vertigo happening and can't exercise without feeling really sick and even more dizzy.

I took the baby to see the opthamologist yesterday and they feel her eyes are just fine now...this is a relief to us. We were concerned because they were turning in and out up until about 5 weeks ago.

Off I go to lay down and relief this spinning head hopefully.
Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook for April 6th

The Simple Woman's Daybook is something I have wanted to take part in before. I am starting today and hopefully every Tuesday from now on I am going do this. You can join The Simple Woman's Daybook too and share about yourself!


Outside my window...It is gray out and looks like it will rain. We need the rain to wash away the dirt from winter.

I am thinking... That if I truly knew what was pleasing in the Lord's eyes I would see, act and do things very differently than I do.

I am thankful for...My husband who shows his love to me everyday.

From the learning rooms... Rachel is learning to add mixed numbers, Hope is mastering cursive handwriting, Dennis is reading really well and Bethany loves everything about school (You have to love this stage!).

From the kitchen... Breakfast dishes are done, the homemade frozen soup is thawing for lunch and best of all a fresh cup of coffee is ready.

I am wearing...Khaki pants, white t-shirt and a pony tail of course.

I am creating... Just a menu and grocery List!
I am going...To the chiropractor...hopefully!
I am reading...The Maker's Diet By Jordan Rubin, Wait Quietly (Devotion) By Dean Merrill and Turning Hearts Toward Home By Rolf Zettersten.
I am hoping... That if I can get into the Chiropractor he can help my spinning head.

I am hearing...The sounds of children playing and music from Matthew's movie that is playing.

Around the house...Seat work for the older girls has begun, the baby is settling for her nap and we are going to make Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies to go with the soup for lunch.
One of my favorite things...The quietness of the house before anyone is up and I have time to pray and drink coffee.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Awana tonight for the girls, I am taking the baby to see an Eye Specialist tomorrow (please pray that all is well for her), grocery shop and buy sandals for the children all in the closest city to us which is a two hour drive.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Blessings everyone!

The format keeps messing up so I hope you can read this post okay!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ramblings from the weekend

With the long weekend coming to an end there is a fair bit to share that happened in our home.

{This part of my post is my own personal convictions and in no way am I trying to impose my beliefs or feeling on anyone. I hate conflict and disagreement but wanted to share with you how this weekend is different for us compared to how it use to be.}
To start off with my husband and I have never celebrated Easter with the chocolate, bunny and egg thing (when we were kids yes, but not since having our own children) because we could never see the relationship with these things and the death and resurrection of Jesus. So we always have had a nice dinner on Sunday, attend services on Friday and Sunday and tried to teach the children about the sacrifice made for us. We whole heartily gave this weekend to proclaiming what we would call the 'true meaning' of Easter.
To my shock I did some research on the origins of easter and I am so disappointed....Christians years ago took over this easter celebration thing...changing its name from Eastre which is a goddess of spring to easter and claimed it as a christian holiday and from here families have had these fun egg hunts and eating of chocolate not knowing where the traditions have come from. At least I didn't! Now knowing its pagan roots I can feel good about not exposing my children to these traditions. So this weekend is just a nice long four days off together!!! and I love that!!!

I have been fighting a head cold and dizziness since Wednesday and have been feeling terrible but I have got in a few good workouts; Thursday I did a 5km weight loss workout on the Elliptical, Friday I did nothing, Saturday I got in a 5km run, Sunday was lots of biking with the children and today I did the Biggest Loser Bootcamp.

My eating has been good...I have been thinking about writing down my food intake daily here on my blog but I have not decided yet if I will.

I spent all day Saturday going through all the children's closets and drawers to take out the winter or too small clothes and replacing them. What a job that is twice a year! I took 3 garbage bags and 4 boxes full of clothes to the local church for their rummage sale. I can only store so much and then my husband puts a stop to it!! He went as far to call me a hoarder on the weekend....but really he knows I am just trying to save the expense of buying new all the time. We have been blessed to have clothes of good quality given to us often.

I must get caught up on laundry today before the school week starts tomorrow for us. It is hard to get full days in with the nice weather as the children love to go in and out all day long...this I have resolved is what happens in the spring and I can't change it. They are active, explore, build and work together to do things...sounds like a great way to live. I call this school too!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week Fourteen Weigh In

A quick long weekend post to tell you that I am down this week!

Down 2.4lbs putting me in the 170's at 178.4lbs. GOOD BYE 180's!!!

Have a blessed day to you all and don't eat to much chocolate!!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March In Review

For the first time a set goals for the month of March.
Overall I am pleased with my ability to accomplish most of these goals.

1. I did 10 days of abs/arms training when I had planned to do 12. Close but not perfect so this will be an area to work on in April.

2. My goal was to run/walk 48 km this month....I did over 76 km. Yeah me! and I have worked myself into doing most of my km as running. I didn't know if I would like running but I wanted to give it a try and I am now officially hooked. I don't think walking for me would feel like a workout any more.

3. Take my vitamin daily, well that was a really wasn't a priority...enough said.

4. Weigh myself only once weekly. Only one week did I weigh myself more than once. Not to bad.

5. No sweets/desserts expect for my birthday. I did it and am well on my way to the goal of 100 days of sweets free! 24 days down, almost a quarter of the way.

6. Lose 6lbs....I worked off 9 of them!!!! YAW!!! I am very excited about this...can you tell?

A few other things to share about the month of March.... back in January I had signed up for a contest through the Weight Watchers boards for a Biggest Loser with Kids competition and guess what I $250,000 prize but I earned the bragging rights.

I received my first "You have really lost some weight" comment from my brother whom I had not seen since Christmas. That felt nice!

I lost inches as well this month, I am down .75" from my neck, .25" from my ankle, .5" from my upper arm, 1" from my upper leg, 1.25" from my lower leg, 1" waist, 1.5" from hips and my bust stayed the same. That is a grand total of 6.25" off my body in one month.

April' s Goals are on the side bar.
I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!

April Fool's Day Progress Pictures

A while back I committed to doing a progress picture day on April 1st!!!

No this isn't an April Fool's Day joke....I wish it was!

I can not remember which fellow blogger put the call out for this but here they are and I hope some others of you are doing this today.

These pictures were taken of me at 199lbs..that is 10lbs less then my start weight of 209lbs on December 27th, 2009.

I looked as terrible as I felt!!!

These two are me now at 180.8lbs.

I couldn't figure out which set of clothes best showed my progress so therefore I put one of both in.

I am not that impressed with the quality of these pictures but it does show some difference.