Monday, October 25, 2010

November Challenge

This weekend was so nice.....I had my husband home for 2 full days!!!!
Baby was still sick all weekend so we took turns cuddling with her and I spent the one morning at the hospital but I am happy to report she is doing much better today!

For the month of 30 days.... I am challenging myself and anyone of my blogging friends that want to join me to target stomach and arm muscles.

My tummy is a definite problem area for me...after six pregnancies I am stretched in every direction it seems. That lovely little pooch I want to see decrease so I am taking a month of targeted exercises to work on it and see what happens and since I am doing that I figure why not increase the lean muscle in my arms too?!?!?

This is what my challenge exercises are;
30 Crunches (or sit ups)

30 Push ups

I will be doing each of these in 2 sets of 15 repetitions for the 30 days.

If we stick with these I think there will be some definite definition after 30 days!

So who is with me???
Let me know if you are going to join me...the more the merrier..and it will help keep me motivated too.

I included a link to show proper form if you are not sure how to do one of the exercises.


  1. My arms and tummy are my problem areas too. I think I want to do this with you! Are you starting officially on Nov. 1st? This is a good challenge for me. I seem to accept challenges very slowly as I do things full force and don't want to get myself into something over my head, but I think I can do these!

  2. Oh I am WITH ya girlfriend!! Woot woot!

    Let's see some changes this month in the tum and the arms.. oh yeah!!

  3. I will be in the gym doing my sit-ups and strength work-outs ASAP after the baby is born. I'm hoping to only take a two week break from the gym.

    Your "clean" granola bar recipe looks wonderful. Congrats on your one pound drop too.

    Thanks for checking in on me. I really appreciate your comments. I really want to eat clean from here on out. And, after the baby is born.

  4. So glad that your baby is doing better. That must have been pretty scary.

    Ah, the November challenge...I have a few days to think about it.

  5. I am WITH you! I need some serious toning for the tummy. Thanks for being an inspiration and partner in weight loss. Have a great week.

  6. Ok, I'm in!
    Kinda scarey because I've only just started blogging and I've not done any of the challenges floating around out there.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    I'll be following.

  7. Hi Christine. I found your blog thru Margene. I am going to attempt your challenge. I am so not in shape and have just started my journey, but I am open to the challenge. Thanks for posting it.


  8. Wow we have almost the same weight loss numbers!!!
    How cool is that

  9. Hello! I am new to your blog via Mom to the 4th.
    I'd love to join you on your Nov. challenge! I need help in my arms and abs too... actually, all over, but especially those two spots.
    Have a great day!!
    diane :)

  10. I found you today through Margene and I'm going to try the challenge too! Today I cannot manage 1 regular push-up but maybe by the end of the month I can catch up with you.