Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 28

I really don't know where the time is going!
Almost the middle of July and I have not posted since the end of June. Oops!

June was a very slow month on the weight loss front. I lost a whole 2 pounds all month. Not to great for a month of Bootcamp where I was suppose to lose 10 pounds. The noticeable changes were not on the scale but with the measuring tape. Thank goodness we did both at the beginning!
The first set of measurements are from on the first of June and the second at the end of June.
Neck 13.5 13.25
Bust 36.25 35
Waist 35 34
Hips 38.75 37.5
Upper Leg 21 20.5
Lower Leg 13.75 13.5
Ankle 8.75 8.5
Upper Arm 12.75 12

Overall I can't complain about a thing with the outcome in June. I toned muscles which resulted in the smaller measurements and I am sure created more muscle weight.

July is shaping up for a great one in a different way! Today was my weigh in and I was down 4 pounds this week. 157 lbs...that is my weight today and that was the lowest I got the last time I lost weight before getting pregnant with my second last child.

I had originally set 155lbs as my goal weight but I have lowered that now to 145lbs. I still feel like I have a lot to lose just on my stomach. My arms and legs are toning up and slimming down but the rolls are still very prevalent on the tummy. I can feel the muscle underneath though so that is a good thing! 12 more pounds should make a huge difference in that. I have updated the photos on the side bar.

I have been learning alot about myself in the last 3 weeks...I am not the greatest at expressing myself in words but to put it simply I am coming to a place where I know that I am worth it. Whatever it is that I decide to do for myself...I AM WORTH THE EFFORT! If someone loves and cares about me it is because I AM LOVABLE!!! I deserve to have GOOD in my life.
For all my life I have seen myself as unworthy of love, attention or friendship but not anymore! Freedom has come my way!

I have come to realize that I am a strong and powerful woman. I have always been good at looking after other people, the clients in the groups homes and my family, but now I am taking the time to do what I need to do to look after myself too and that feels amazing!

Life is so good and so worth living for!!!


  1. Amen! You've discovered the Father's daughter and you are so worth it!!! Amazing scale results...I'm a wee bit jealous, but I'll see those 150's eventually. Congrats!!!!

  2. Congrats! You are becoming a hot mama and setting a great example for your kids. Keep up the great work, and you'll be there in no time!

  3. So much wonderful stuff in this update! Thanks for sharing it all and congrats on reaching 157. Like the above said, I'll get there someday. :)

    Learning I deserved to lose weight and be thin and healthy was a BIG step for me about a year ago. Feels great doesn't it?

    Hope you're having a great week!