Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Member of the Family?!?!?

NO, I am not expecting a baby!

The children came running in the house this morning frightened because there was a 'big cat' in the yard they said. My oldest son had been attacked by a cat in our yard 2 years ago so everyone is scared of strange cats. Being the hero that moms are suppose to be I got my shoes on and headed out to shew the pest away. To my surprise I found a little kitten hiding under the deck. I coaxed her out. She is adorable and so friendly! I think she will be joining our family if we don't hear of someone who might have lost her and if my husband gives the okay after work today.

So far the new routine is going well! I didn't get in any real exercise yet but I was on my feet all day and could definitely feel it in my legs last night. What I will call my exercise for Monday will have to be the mopping of all the floors in the main living area of the house.

Eating went well yesterday and so far today too....stress/change in the past has not usually been a good thing for me and eating, but I have felt a freedom from the 'want' to eat all the time during stressful situations lately and I am grateful for that. I look forward to walking through this time of transition without REGRET for behaviours I don't want in my life anymore.

Today I tackled installing the baby gate at the stairs because the baby is officially crawling about and she is getting quick. I don't want any accidents!


  1. Cute about the "big cat". :)

    That's great about employment for your husband. I understand the need for adjustment and finding moments for those workouts. I feel it most during breaks from school when kids are home and I'm not so free to go workout like when they are gone.

    Praise God you are not feeling the want for constant eating during all this stress. What a victory!!!

  2. Congrats on the not eating out of stress! And just think now that your little one is on the move you'll be getting a lot more exercise! Mine is on the verge of crawling and now she gets stuck under things from rolling and I'm ALWAYS rushing to un-stick her and so it's a lot of extra rushing around. :)

    Have fun with your new family member! Are you going to vote on names with your kidies?

  3. LOL! You know how rumors get started??!! LOL!

    Ah, look at the fuzzy baby! SO cute!
    I hope that you were able to keep him :) I hear ya on new patterns when it comes to stress and change. That is awesome that you are feeling different this time around.. that is HUGE! those are the changes that are going to keep you healthy :)

    Big hug!