Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonderful Post

Today I read a wonderful post from the beautiful blogger Dawne at It's My Time! For so long I have been dealing with the perfectionism trait in my life and Dawne explains things so well in her post that I felt the need to share it with others.

This woman has been an inspiration and encouragement to me along the path in my journey to healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. If you have never read her blog before this particular post she wrote is a great place to start.

I hope everyone is experiencing a great day!


  1. Thank you for sharing the link. I really liked her post!

  2. Hope you're doing well!! I, too, often struggle with the perfectionist mindset :/

  3. I am kinda that opposite of a perfectionist...but that can be bad...where is the happy medium for all of us!!??? :)

    2 lbs to go, Christine! AWESOME!!!