Thursday, July 29, 2010


The next few days (until Sunday) will be a time of willful choices on my part. Hubby is gone away and it the past this has been a time of poor habits coming into being again. Not this time!

  • I am making the commitment to myself that I will not eat out side of hunger while he is away.
  • I will not eat because I am stressed, anger or just want to.
  • I will eat three balanced meals and two healthy snacks each day.
  • I will do some sort of exercise each day...not my running schedule of course but a DVD of choice.
I am making these commitments public and I want to be held accountable to them, so nightly I will post how things went that day including what I eat and the exercise of choice for the day.

I was thinking to myself yesterday that I want to come to the place in my life where I eat like a NORMAL person. I know there really isn't NORMAL in society but rather everyone has a different meaning of what it would look like. So for the purpose of this blog I will define to you what I consider is NORMAL in eating.
Normal would be a person who eats to satisfy the physical need that will allow a healthy functioning of their body. A normal person does not allow their minds to be ruled by what, when and how they will consume the next bit of food. I strife to be that person!


  1. Accoutability is a great thing. I strive for the exact a life where food - whether the pull to overeat or the obsession to eat in control - doesn't rule my life. I completely relate to you 100% Christine and I know this is achievable as we continue to focus our worship on the only One worthy of it.

  2. I'm striving for "normal" right along with you! You can do it :)