Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Victories

I woke up this morning feeling so great! I don't usually try to go by feelings because they can take you places you don't want to go when they are bad but today was different. I was having the victorious feeling, yesterday as soon as hubby left my thoughts started down a bad road but I quickly made the decision to sit down and blog about what I want to do this time when he is away. All the details are in yesterday's entry.

Back to the good feelings! I made it through the day yesterday and accomplished the goals I had set before myself even through a few stressful moments and so set the tone for today. I woke up and wanted to succeed, I was having one of those 'I feel skinny days'.
Yeah for those days, I wish they came more often!

As the morning went on I decided to do my measurements because it was almost the end of the month. ...results...I was impressed... I was not expecting any change but I was wrong! I was down 1" on my bust, 1.5" on my waist and .5" on my hips. With the changes in measurements I decided to try on my target dress, to my amazement I was able to do that dress up without any trouble.
At the beginning of June I could not get it done up all of the way and then at the beginning of July it fit a bit better but still I was NOT able to do it up. Here are the pictures to prove it. The quality is not the greatest in today's pics because I had to get my 4 and 6 year old to take them but they still show the difference. Okay...I am rambling now...on with the pictures.

This set was taken on June 1st, 2010.

These one were from today!

I will still need to lose a few pounds before I would feel comfortable wearing this dress in public but it is coming.

I will not list my eats today because I have already said enough but I will tell you that they were all good healthy, clean foods that I eat in moderation. I am counting cleaning (vacuuming & dusting) the van and taking the children (3 in a stroller) for a walk as my exercise for the day....yes it is not a DVD workout again but it is something and with it being after 7pm already I know that I will not get in anything else because I am going to crash on the couch either with a book or a movie once the children are in bed tonight.


  1. Look at you !!! Way to go !!!

  2. Great job!!! I'm so happy for you.

  3. How exciting!! I'm so happy for you. I love the colour of your dress.

  4. That is so awesome! You have done well and I love that you took photos of the progress with your clothes!