Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Weekend News

Thank you all who left encouragement and support on my last post! I really draw strength from you ladies!!

Saturday was a terrible day for me....from beginning to end! I consumed a ridicules amount of calories from terrible tasting foods. BOO!

Needless to say I did not weigh in for my weekly check today because I knew I would have a gain form the junk I ate yesterday and I did not want the scale to dictate how today was going to go. The scale isn't everything, right? See I am learning.

You read about the issue with my hubby working over the weekend unexpectedly and that was just the icing on the cake for me.
I was in a tail spin by lunch on Saturday and did not recover until about 7pm that night.

That situation ended up working out though because he got off early enough on Sunday for me to get to the grocery stores and get what I needed for the week. The whole family began to Eat Clean TODAY!!!!
I am super excited about this! This is something we have been talking about for sometime and now it is a reality. I will post more on this another day.

What I had not put into words was the OTHER things that were going on that added to my emotions not being too stable.

On Thursday afternoon a friend of mine got terrible news that her father had been in a boating accident and his 'body' has yet to be found. I am not great at handling situations like this....I never know what to say or do for people when they are in need like she is!

Plus on top of those two situations I was at that stage in my cycle that I crave carbs like crazy!!! and once I give in to the desire to eat carbs then the 'OLD ME' starts a talking about things like "oh, have blown it now so you might as well blow it good"....before I know it a box of cookies or bag of chips have been inhaled. Those items will not be in the house anymore now that I am making everyone eat clean.

I actually now see the pattern in my hard days, with them being all during ovulation.
I have learned something this time around and I hope to remember it next time. It is, that yes I am going to crave things or more specifically carbs and it is okay to eat something to curb that craving. Then I must stop at that treat and re-evaluate why I want the next thing and so on. Hopefully this will prevent me from going on a 4, 5, 6 or so on day binge! because I am sure some of you can relate that once you have a few bad days in a row it is SO hard to get back on track.

I am over the craving issue, Thank the Lord for that! and I have had a great day eating wise, communing with the Lord and finally spending time with my hubby this evening.
I feel like myself again!! Praise the Lord for that!

The great and most fabulous news from the weekend is I WON the TREAT FREE SEPTEMBER challenge draw that my fellow blog friend Dawne had!!! I am more than excited to receive this gift! I don't remember the last time I won anything!


  1. My difficult time is during ovulation too. I think this is quite common. The time of month part is a breeze emotionally in comparison to the ovulation.

  2. You are doing so well, Christine!! Hard spots come, but just start again!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on the drawing!! :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Christine!! Woo hoo!! I love that you won that book from Dawne! I love love love it! That is one that I have been wanting to read myself... woo hoo, lovie! Way to go!

    I know we talked a little bit back and forth about the cravings and the hormone stuff... it's bear isn't it? Aaaaalmost undoable it feels, it's the intense! So I get it! I cannot have anything in the house that is "old me" stuff either, or I do the same same thing. Binge here I come! Ack!

    Love that everything worked out for you to get to the store and get the whole family eating clean! I love how God has a way of working those things out! He is so so good!

    High five sista! Love you much!


  4. Congrats on winning the Treat Free September. That just shows you that you are a WINNER!!!

    I'm sorry for your hard day(s)... I can really relate to the bad choices in food getting out of control. it's that thought that you've blown it so why not keep blowing it. I am an "all or nothing" kind of person even though I try not to be. So I have always been afraid if I give into any cravings. But we do need to find a way to work through our hard days and when we're hit with so many emotional battles as well (like hubs called in to work, or a death of a friends father, etc.) .

    It's good to see you working it out in your head and feeling strength from the Lord. I'm so glad you are feeling like yourself again!

    You are doing so awesome and are such an inspiration! Keep it up girl... we can do hard things!!


  5. I'm excited to follow your family's progress of eating clean!
    I'm sorry to hear about your friends loss and your rough days over the weekend. Just keep pushing through. Look back at just how far you have come and recognize the effort you have put forth. I'd imagine that you've seen hard days/binge days before in that long line of successful weeks of weight loss...just remind yourself that you can get through them again and keep moving. Hard days will never stop coming, but it's all in the approach. Recognizing our weaknesses is the first step to conquering them! Today's a new day, this week is a new week and it's going to be great!
    Keep up the great work Christine! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  6. Congrats on the win!

    I also struggle most during ovulation, or days prior to actually starting. I have to remind myself that it's not forever and I'll "feel" like eating healthy again in a few days.

    Have a great week! I'm glad you got time with hubby. :)