Monday, October 18, 2010


I am a perfectionist as you all know and along with that I also like to be in control.
Not a great combo!!!!

I was reminded today after reading a fellow bloggers
post that there are SOME things that are in my control and other things that ARE NOT!

I decided to make a list of things in my life that I can control and post it in a place that I look at often to really bring this fact home.

Here is the list I came up with;

  • if I will draw on the strength of God during a rough moment.
  • how much water I drink in a day.
  • what food goes in my mouth.
  • if I will exercise at some point in a day.
  • how much time I will waste on the computer.
  • how I will handle my children when they misbehave.
  • what I will wear.
  • how I will feel about myself.
  • how I treat others.
Making this list reminded me of the Serenity Prayer!


  1. So true! There are so many things in life we have NO control over, which is challenging for those of "us" who feel the need to be in control. But it is how we handle our reactions to those events, our ability to recognize that lack of control and the active choice to change the things we can control that will get us to where we want to be!
    I love your list!!

  2. I have heard that poem (Serenity Prayer) many times and it always inspires me to seek to "know the difference"!!

    BTW, I love that pic of you on the left from Sept. 2010... your smile is contagious! :)


  3. I have the prayer of serenity on my refrigerator door. Such a great reminder that there are some things we can control. Great list!

  4. Christine, I LOVE THIS POST!!!

    Beautiful list, my friend.. you are such an inspiration to me and I am so grateful today to know you!

    We can control alot of the actions of ourself for sure!! Wow!!

    Beautiful list!

  5. Great job. Sometimes I find it's good to not focus on what we have no control over but instead look at what we can control. Glad things are going well.

  6. Hey! AWESOME job on the two pound drop! You're only eight pounds away from your goal?!? That's great!

    It's ALL about picking yourself up and dusting yourself. That's where we really succeed, by not letting our failures determine our course.

    Good list! We really can control more than we realize.

  7. we talk about that a great deal around here too.

    life really is one big ILLUSION of control some days and, as a mom, surrendering in many arenas is all I can do.

    great reminder.