Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am struggling today!!!

My husband came home late last night, he is usually off at 3 on Fridays but last night it was after 8pm.....when he got home he informed me that he has to work all weekend and the normal shift 6:30am to 8pm.

We only have one vehicle that he has to use to get to work so I take advantage of the weekend to grocery shop for the family! During the week I walk any 'thing' we have going on and to the store to pick up little things that we need. This is always a chore because I push the double stroller and there is some room in the bottom of the stroller for what we need (if it is not a lot of items) but taking 6 children into a grocery store can prove to be a trying time on my patience.

This change in routine is one I need to figure out and fast because the stress of it is driving me to the cupboards for anything to fill my face with. I do not want stress to effect me in this way anymore but it obviously is still an area I need to work on!!!!


  1. ((HUGS)) and try to have a good day !

  2. Ooooo, girl! Hang in there! Life is gonna have these hard days, and just run to your Father. He will truely fill you up, and give you some creative ideas on shopping. Is there somebodies car you can borrow? Or a babysitter to factor into the grocery money to watch the lovies while you go?

    Prayed for you this morning... strength and grace to my friend.

  3. Oh my word, that would be stressful. That's just the kind of stress that makes me want to eat - and I only have two kids!

    I will pray specifically about this change in routine and your ability to cope. He's faithful!

  4. Yes, that would stress me out too.

    I haven't taken six children into a grocery story by myself yet, but one of them is she can actually help me.

    I'll send a prayer your way!

  5. oh my, that does sound stressful! I once did the Weigh Down Workshop and something I remember her saying was when you want to eat and you know you're not hungry take a moment to pray and ask God to help you with whatever the struggle is...even if it's just the desire to eat right at that moment. She suggested even looking up a scripture to get through the moment.

    My grandma always said, "Remember the Bible says 'it came to pass' ... so it didn't come to stay!"

    Take care. *hug*

  6. I would go crazy :(. I hope you made it through ok.