Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Online Resource & Tummy Troubles

I wanted to share with you about an online resource I found a while back and I am now just learning a bit more about it.

It is called The Kitchen Table and it is an Eat Clean site.
This site is designed as a Eat Clean community for people to share stories, recipes, photos and just all round support each other.

If you are clean eating and are looking for some new ideas or a bigger support group this is the place for you....if you just want to learn more about Eating Clean it will definitely give you that.
It is worth the time you will spend there!

As for how things are going for me....yesterday was a rough, tough day!!

I made some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread with spelt flour in the morning because the research I had done said that SOME PEOPLE that have a wheat sensitivity can eat spelt without any effects.
I am guessing after I tried some yesterday that I don't fall into the SOME PEOPLE category.

I did have 2 good sized pieces for lunch...because it was so yummy... my upset and pain in the tummy began within 2 hours of having the bread. By 6pm I was almost doubled over in the pain and my stomach was rock hard and I vomited once...sorry if that is to much information...without any relief!
I went to bed at 9pm in so much pain I didn't think I would sleep but thanks to some prayer on my husbands part I dozed off until the baby woke me at 10:45pm and by then my pain was gone.
The tummy issues (bloating, firmness) are still here today plus some other nasty side effects of which I will not go into details about but I am drinking lots of water today and hopefully this will clean me out quicker and give me complete relief!!!

I guess it is no wheat or any kind of flour....unless with some more research I come up with another alternative to try.


  1. Hey beautiful Christine! Thank you for visiting my Life Of Imperfection blog. I hope you will follow me there at that site. I am still following you and will be supporting your journey. You so encourage me! I am motivated to eat well when I read blogs like yours. Sorry I didn't notify you of my blog change...it was a quick change over and I should have been more considerate of my readers. I thought most wouldn't want to read because they were following my fasting and healthy eating journey. I'm thankful you cared enough to drop by. (((Hugs)))

  2. Thankyou for the recommendation.. gonna click over and check it out! Yay.. love great resources!!!! :)

    Poo about the spelt, I was wondering the same when I read one of Dawne's food journal days.. she mentioned spelt, and I thought.. hmmmm... what is this...this... spelt? ;)
    Sorry it bothered your tummy!! :( Have you found a gluten free bread that you like that is tastey? I am on the hunt!

  3. Have you tried Oat flour? I have a coworker who has a SERIOUS glutten intolerance but she can do oat flour and it doesn't change the texture as much as Rice flour. Just a thought!

    Hope you and your kiddies (and hubby) are doing well other than your tummy pain!

  4. Sorry about your tummy troubles, that really is terrible pain. When I avoided gluten stuff this summer I really notice the difference when I eat it now. Long shot do you have a Bulk Barn nearby?

  5. I saw your profile on the Eating clean Kitchen Table and I am so inspired by you! Just out of curiosity how tall are you? I haven't had 6 blessings but I am nearing the end of my second pregnancy and 200lbs is soon going to show up on the scale I'm only 5'2. Looking forward to following your journey. I may be asking for advice.
    BTW Mom's of large family's rock (I'm the oldest of 6!)

  6. Wow, that is a pretty quick and violent reaction to spelt. I would put that on the to-avoid list. I usually try to avoid flour when I'm eating clean, but I haven't tried spelt. But my grains are pretty boring that I eat, brown rice, oatmeal, barley, potatoes. I haven't tried making bread with not using wheat. I have made high protein oatmeal cookies which I have really enjoyed.

    I hope you can find something that works.

    Thanks for the info on the clean eating site.

  7. I will ask one of my daycare mother's exactly what type of flour she has been able to purchase for her youngest son. He cannot have any wheat, white flour, actually lots of stuff..he has the same problem as you...On the weekend he went to grandma's and ate tons of ham..that night and the next day he wasn't up to par. Mommy believes the ham was not the type that was the 'good stuff' but loaded with items that his tummy just can't tolerate...

  8. Have you tried almond flour for baking? Or another nut flour for baking? We use a lot of almond flour and I'll be trying coconut flour today. It take some adjusting recipes, but it might work.