Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Being my Own Doctor

I don't know what people or for that fact what I did before Internet!!!

I have mentioned before that I thought I possible had a wheat intolerance and was going to research more on it.
I have been doing a lot of reading on the Internet about this and the more I read the more convinced I am that I am indeed intolerant to wheat.

To see if I am I did a little experiment over the last week....it was highly scientific....
I totally went off of wheat for 4 days the results......
I felt great after the second day of being off of wheat.

Then yesterday I reintroduced bread again at lunch time.

Guess what happened!?!?!
Within an hour of eating the bread I started to experience some lovely and familiar symptoms... gas, pain in the upper stomache area, bloating, cravings for more, more, more and a drippy nose.

Maybe.... but I don't think so!!!

I am going to the Nurse Practitioner in a couple of weeks and I plan on discussing this along with other things with her but regardless of what the outcome of that appointment is I think I will be staying away from wheat because it is just not worth the nagging symptoms I have when I do eat it.

As for eating in general...I have been on track 100%! Yeah me!!!
I have a challenge on myself for this week. It is to eat clean completely and so far so good.
It is made easier by the amazing ideas and inspiration that I am gaining from the Eat Clean Diet Recharged book by Tosca Reno that I received from the Sweet's Free September Contest.
I love this way of life and would recommend the books to anyone that is trying to improve their health.

This week begins the party season for our house.... we have a birthday each month from now until March; a couple of birthdays in 2 of the months...then throw in Christmas and New Years and I have a whole lot of opportunities to show myself that I am worth the effort it takes to eat right!!! I am looking forward to the challenge!


  1. Wow, I love party's!! And yes, you are worth the effort. Maybe you could even come up with some healthy ways to celebrate birthdays that is good for the whole family!


  2. How did you come to the conclusion that you had an intolerance for it? I never would have thought about wheat. I've been eating really healthy the last few months, but have still had a pain in my side, just under my ribcage. It comes and goes, and I've never been able to connect to a certain food (that I know of). Did you stay away from all bread or what kind of diet did you have?

  3. Hello there. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment...Yes I changed over from Weight Watchers, I lost all my weight following that program but now wanted something more, so found Tosco and am now enjoying this plan without counting or worrying about the number on the scale.
    You have lost such a lot of weight yourself and looks so happy now.

  4. Wow, way to go with your eating. I love how you did a self-experiment!! I have a birthday challenge this week when my daughter turns 10. I'm up to the challenge too, thanks to healthier eating this week...less cravings.

  5. I'm glad you have discovered what was wrong. I hope the nurse practitioner can give you lots of good tips.

    I love your attitude about party season and eating right. I think you will be just fine!

  6. Way to go, Dr. Christine ;) I am tellin ya, those little fasts and pulling things from your diet for a few days and reintroducing is HUGE!
    You can tell ALOT by doing that!! sounds like a definite sensitivity, lovie!! Wow!! I have been walking this gluten free thing out as well, and a friend said, " You know, you might just be detoxing from that being in your system... the gloomies and all." hmmmm.... would love that to be the case! Oh yeah!

    Way to go clean eating too!! It's such an easy way to go when you get into the rythymn isn't it?

  7. Thanks....now I see why ...
    The pita I ate was organic but not sure if wheat is in them as its all in German and I still struggle.