Monday, October 11, 2010

Running Question

My Thanksgiving dinner time with the family yesterday went amazing! Everyone enjoyed each other and there were no upsets between the children. This made for a nice stress free occasion!

When we arrived at my Mom's place I was already hungry because I didn't get a chance to have a snack before leaving home as I had planned. A friend of ours stopped in about 1/2 hour before we planned on leaving and while he was here he got stung by a wasp...this man is allergic to some species of wasps so it was a bit of a crazy time getting his sting iced and Benadryl into him, getting his wife over with the Benadryl and then waiting to see if he was going to react. Thank God he didn't and everything was okay! but there you have it life happened and I didn't get a snack to hold me over.

At my Mom's house I was presented with a table full of junk food which I choose to not indulge in because I decided that I could survive until supper.
At supper I filled my plate 2/3 full with boiled carrots, corn, Apple Coleslaw (which I ended up making it by a Eat Clean recipe) and baked sweet potatoes. The other third was turkey meat and about 2 tbsp. of stuffing.
I did enjoy a piece of Apple Crisp with some vanilla ice cream.
I walked away from my dinner feeling so great about the decisions I made!!!!
Sweet victory!!!!

My question to all you runners is......
What do eat before a run and how long before do you have it????

I am finding that have alot of energy when first start out on my run but by 5-6km in I am spent.
So I am thinking I need to eat something but I just don't know what is good and when to have it. All advice is appreciated!


  1. My daughter's sports nutritionist suggests a banana, rolled in peanut butter and flax seed, 45 min - 1 hour before the run.

    So happy for you and the control you displayed at your dinner!

  2. I'll be learning from comments on this question....

    I remember a Thanksgiving when I was very pleased with my food choices. It's a great feeling!! Good for you!

    Again, I just love seeing your most recent picture and that great smile!! It always makes me smile just to see it there.

    Have a great week!

  3. I don't run because of an injury I am trying to heal up...buuuut, I power walk pretty hard.. I have heard that a carb is good before cardio and protein after strength training from a friend that is a trainer. But try each and see which you draw the greatest amount of energy from. I am doing that right now... lol. Rotating protein and carb... I like Dawne's idea.

    BIG hug!

  4. It really depends how long the run is. If it 13+, I like to have eaten a protein smoothie. If it's around 18 -26...I gotta fuel along the way as well! Hope this helps!

  5. For me banana oatmeal is my favourite pre-run food when I run in the am. Later on I try to run an hour after eating and if I go +12km I take a running cookie. Let me know if you want the recipe. They are oatmeal chocolate chip with dried cranberries, nuts, etc...

  6. We're getting closer to our Thanks Giving celebrations here in the states. I'm doing things very different this year. I've planned for my family to go on a hike!!! We'll still celebrate Thanksgiving and all the good food, but not on that exact day. I hope I do as well as you did!

  7. Great job on the Thanksgiving dinner!!

    Before a run I have almond butter on a wasa cracker or rice cake. If its less than 45min I have nothing. And sometimes I'm eating while I start my warm-up, lol! You know you got to go when you get a chance. I would try different things to see what works for you, I used to have oatmeal but it makes me sluggish, banana makes me have to have a bathroom break. Everyone is different.