Thursday, January 20, 2011

Running in the Snow

Today was day two of going for a run!

Yesterday I headed out for a walk but it was so cold out that part way through I decided that I had to either run or freeze into an ice block and never return to my family!

I ended up running/ walking 3km in total!

Today I dressed differently and headed out....I did my 5km route!

It has been a couple of months since I have done any running so my lungs are feeling the pressure of increased exercise...I love the feeling!

I think running in snow covered shoulders of the highway must be like running in the in a harder workout and burning more calories...what do you think????

Tonight is Zumba!!!!
I love this form of working out...the kind when you are having so much fun that you do not realize this is REALLY exercise! Bonus!!!


  1. Wow... that is awesome that you got a 5k in! I totally want to try Zumba too! Great job getting your body movin'!!!


  2. I love zumba and running outside! And yes, its always harder to run in the cold weather!!! Good for you!!


  3. Congrats on running two days in a row! That is quite the feat! I totally agree about running in the snow. It is so much more work than just running on the road.

  4. Great job on the running! I'm too chicken to run outside in the cold.

    Please think of me when you pray...fighting the demon of "I can't do this." lately off and on. I know I can and I will reach my goals, "I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.", but my emotions don't always listen to reason. ... Thank you, Christine.

  5. It is totally a harder workout in the snow!!!!!! Good for you.

  6. You go girl ! I admire your efforts in the snow and I'm sure it's totally harder, like sand! We have snow here too.. I'm sick of it!

    Have a great time at zumba! It's a blast, huh! :)