Saturday, January 29, 2011

Free Trial

When I bought my new DVD this week, 6 Pack Six Weeks, I received a 30 day free trial for Jillian Michaels Diet and Weight Loss Support Program!!! I went for it and signed up for the No obligation trial!! after the 30 days I will decide if I like the tool enough to pay $52 for 13 weeks or not.

You journal your food and it tracks the calories, input your activity and in tracks the calories burned....there is lots of other tools too and I plan on playing around on the site a bit later today to see what all there is on it!

I love the way Jillian pushes me to do more and better with my exercise!!
She is kind of a mentor to YOU guys still amazes me how people I have never meet can influence and motivate me!!!



  1. Way to take advantage of the free trial.
    I love all the support from fellow bloggers.

  2. Awesome Christine! It's so wonderful to find people who motivate you and push you to do your best. You'll have to share how it goes with Jillians program. You are going to kick butt, girl!!!



    love and light

  4. I look forward to hearing all about your free trial. I kind of like Jillian's style of training as well.

  5. I hope you love it! Nothing is better than finding a new tool to push you. I love my dailymile for tracking my runs. And you are a great inspiration to me, so thank you for always been so much help to me, and not just in the health and fitness areas!

  6. I hope it helps you push to where you want to go. Heck, she is a good motivator.