Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Days

Life is super busy for me right now!!!

I want to post an tell you all that I am still reading when I can and I try to comment but do not always have time to both read and comment...I love you ladies and miss the interaction with you all but this is just My Life right now!!!

Eating has been great and I am getting in lots of exercise to...the scale is SLOWLY making its way down. Today's weigh in was 147lbs!!!!

I am thinking of changing this blog place to a more life in general spot because my focus has changed a lot in the last month..if I do change my focus on this blog I will totally understand if some of you stop following!! I will keep you posted though!!


  1. Seems to be the season of business Christine
    glad to hear that all is well

    love and light

  2. I always wonder if I'll keep my weigh loss blog up as much when I'm at goal...because I can see the focus changing in my life at that point.

    Hope you're having a nice winter and I look forward to seeing what shows up on here. :)

  3. Congratulations! Miss seeing you post but will look forward to whatever comes next for you!

  4. A change is always good...I have three blogs going for this reason...
    One is my Life in Germany ( as a South African ) and thats set on private..then I have my weight loss blog where we met and then a photography blog as that is also my passion...

  5. I'll still be here! I love reading about your busy life! It's nice to read about another Christian mom who is trying to raise her kids with good values in addition to eating well and working out and keeping life at home going! You inspire me all the time!