Sunday, January 2, 2011

Comparison Shots

Me at Christmas 2008!

and now this year!!!

I love the difference!

Now I just need to figure out how to bust through this place of 145-150 and get to the 120's!
Suggestions welcome!

LEAH @ My New Ending: If you are reading this....I am not able to post any comments on your blog....I can't figure out why! Help!!! I have been reading but can not communicate! AHHH!!!


  1. Helloooo hot mama!! Congrats on your success!

  2. FANTASTIC !!! Love the pics!

  3. What an incredible difference. You look hot in red! I'm just happy to be in the 140's,so I have no suggestions to reaching 120! My 16 year old, size 4 daughter doesn't even weigh in the 120's! You'll be able to shop in the Junior Miss sections. I look forward to seeing you reach your goals.

  4. Fabulous difference! I really love that red blouse on you too! Your face shows more confidence in the 2nd picture too. Again, you look so much like a good friend I know. I would think you were sisters! I have no suggestions to busting through to the 120's as I am not even at the 145-150's yet but I believe that consistency and persistence will have something to do with it, which you def. have!!


  5. You're a stunning beauty at both weights, but I can see the happiness and joy radiating in the second photo. Wow - that is a STUNNING blouse. Congrats on your achievements!

  6. wow wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!
    so good Christine, you are glowing!!!
    it feels like you are become who you were meant to be...a re-birth of sorts
    would love to see you join me on the 4th!

    love and light

  7. Maybe it's time to focus less on the scale number and try to look at your dress size instead. If you want to be trim and slim maybe shot for a size smaller than you are instead of the weight. Sometimes I think our bodies are happy at certain weights and not willing to change until you can do something radically different and that isn't always possible when you're a busy, busy mom!

    Either way you look smokin and should be proud of what you've done.

  8. Just Awesome!!!

    No advice to get through plateaus, I'm stuck too.

  9. You look fabulous! That dress is so beautiful and you look so happy!

    Looks like we are in a similar place trying to get towards the same weight. 2011 is gonna be OUR year. :)

  10. Is the number really important?

    You look amazing! You look healthy! Where is God leading you in this matter? I had to stop myself manytimes, and realize that this journey needs to be about more then a number on a scale. I never though I would become one of "those" women who preach about being more then a number, until I arrived in the place I am now.

    Thank you for your continued support and comments on my blog. YOU rock!

  11. You look FANTASTIC!! As a matter of fact, you look 10-15 years younger!!! Good for you :)