Saturday, January 22, 2011

Game On

My husband and I are in a nice friendly competition!!!!

We both want to lose 10 pounds and so to push each other along a little harder we have placed a reward for the first person to achieve this goal!!!

The winner will have $200 to use in what ever way they want and of course the best part is that said winner will have big bragging rights too!!!

Of course, I am going to win....we all know that!!!!

My husband tells me, the worst part about me saying what I just said is "I am going to have to eat humble pie in the end!"....we will see how eats pie!!! lol


  1. Good luck you are brave I wouldnt have such a competition with my boyfriend!...He would certainly I hope you win!

  2. How FUN!

    You show him how it's done ;)

  3. You are a brave, brave woman!! Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with the $200. hee. hee. :P

  4. $200 bucks? That's some pretty big incentive! you can do it!!

    I'm glad you tried that recipe and that it worked. Dark chocolate does sound good. I love discovering healthy tasting alternatives.

  5. Good luck. Men tend to lose faster,
    200 is a fun spending spree. What r u going to buy? See u r going to win

  6. Hello, I haven't been in blog land in a while. I wanted to tell you your November picture looks AMAZING!!

    I started a new blog just for my Eat Clean/weight loss journey. Come follow and give me pointers!