Friday, January 28, 2011

Counting Calories Just to be Sure

The days go by so quickly!!!

I have been having some easy days of eating! I love those kind of days!!!!

As of this week I am keeping track of the amount of calories I am eating in a day while eating clean food becasue I want to make sure that I am not eating too many calories.

It is easy to consume a lot of calories in the yummy variety of clean food I eat...I know it is all life giving foods but I am thinking that this is why I hav
e been at a stand still for the last couple of months, my weight fluctuates between 149-146 weekly!
So I am again experimenting and trying to figure out this weight loss puzzle!

I am trying to keep by calories between 1600 - 1800 calories daily.

The other new thing for me is I bought a new workout DVD.
6 Pack in Six Weeks by Jillian Micheals.
Its a good one!!! It targets the core...which is a weak spot for me....but not after this program is done!

I would love to have abs like that!!!

I just finished Day 2 of this DVD......I feel it in my legs, abs, back and obliques!!!
Totally Awesome Feeling!!
I love this feeling, I can't explain it but I love it! (laughs at self!)


  1. have you tried it? how do you like it? Jillian is hard core!! lol
    WOuld love to try it...

  2. I'll keep that video in mind when there's hope of seeing my abs. LOL

    I'm also feeling better and on track. Isn't it a great feeling?!?! Have a great weekend!

  3. I think I might start counting again too...I dread it, but I think it might be what I need to get to goal.

  4. I have been eating clean, but I need to count calories too!