Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 39 Results

Today was my weigh in and I was down to 150.5lbs. That is a loss of 1.5lbs this week and a total loss of 58.5lbs in 39 weeks.

I am so close to the 140's.....soon, soon, patience Christine!!!

I took a little look back at my starting measurements and then did them today and here are the differences; the first number is today's and the last is the starting one.

  • Bust 35" 41"
  • Waist 33" 42.5"
  • Hips 36.5" 44.5"
  • Upper Leg 20.5" 25"
  • Lower Leg 14" 15"
  • Ankle 8.5" 9"
  • Neck 13.5" 14.75"
  • Bi-cep 12.25" 15"
I have nothing to complain about after looking at all of these stats.

My eating has been on track all weekend and I did have a great run on Friday night, my legs felt strong and powerful from the start until right near the end of the 5km.

I am still suppose to run a 10km race in 3 weeks but with my husband working his crazy shifts this means I can not get in the training I need to do. I have never ran more than I don't know what I am going to do...I had asked a friend to run with me at that race and I don't want to let her down but I am not sure if I would be able to complete it and then I would feel like I let myself down. I need to make a decision SOON!

Totally off topic but this is what my husband brought home yesterday.......

What a sweet man I have!!!


  1. Your photos are really inspiring! Congratulations.

  2. You can do the 10km! I believe in you. Next time your hubby or someone can watch your kiddies go for a run and push yourself to do 10km so you know how it feels to do it. I know it feels really scary but one thing you could do is do your usual 5km route two times. I find it's much less intimidating for me if I do a small route twice because I can look at it as two little runs instead. Give it a try and KNOW you CAN do this! You have accomplished so much this year and you are a constant inspiration to me, especially since I've been stuck at 148.4lbs for 6 weeks now. :)

  3. I love your smile in that last picture Christine! You are doing so well!! :)

  4. AMAZING! You are almost at my goal weight! I am so happy for you and you deserve those gorgeous flowers!

  5. Hi there! I just saw you joined and I wanted to thank you. I homeschool my kids too. I was wondering how old your children are?

    It's great that you're running. I can't wait to run again after the baby is born.

    OH, and those flowers are beautiful!! What a thoughtful husband you have.

  6. Christine!!! You are so stinkin' consistant with your loses!! Woo hooooooo!!! You weigh less then me, gf! I am so totally motivated to keep it up and go go go to the finish line myself!

    Way to go, girl!! High five!!!

  7. Hi Christine! So fun to meet you and see your blog. Wow, you are doing AWESOME! Way to go girl! I am lovin' the flowers from your man. How sweet it that! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such an uplifting comment. You are so sweet.

    Best of luck in your health journey. That's cool that you have run over 7k. I am still trying to run in any way. ;)


  8. Hi Christine...I wanted to come over for a visit after seeing that you became a follower of my blog. I see we have alot in common...clean eating, homeschooling, and we both have very thoughtful husbands. I'm so inpsired by your journey and am now a happy follower of your blog! Be blessed.