Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sugar Shock Day 4 (Re-evaluating)

Yesterday and today I have been doing a lot of thinking!

In my adult life I have spent periods of time fasting from food in order to lose weight.
Ouch!! that was hard to admit!
Whenever I was dieting and had a hard spell were I was resorting back to old, bad eating habits I would convince myself that the only to break this cycle was to STOP eating. It never worked obviously because throughout the time I was not eating I would focus on ALL the STUFF I was going to eat as soon as I could. My method always it should. So this time around I decided from the beginning that I was not going to do this because I know it is a wrong I am nursing and can't do this and keep up my milk supply.

I had successfully lost 54lbs and got to my first goal of 155lbs using the method of eating clean and exercising. I incorporated into my eating plan treats/desserts in moderation and on planned dates. THIS HAS WORKED FOR ME!!!!

Since reaching 155lbs I have been struggling with my thoughts constantly. I have decided I want to lose another 15- 25 pounds now but my struggle is I want it done now too.

This brings me to my motives for eliminating carbs from the foods I can eat. I was looking for a quick way to lose weight and it is working. I was down 3 lbs this week bringing me to 152lbs. I have not been this light and healthy since just after the birth of my eldest child 11 years ago! I could not be happier about this! but I know my heart and the same reason I fasted to lose weight in the past is the same reasons I choose this method at this point in my weight loss journey!

I hope I have not turned you all off with this post but it is time to be honest with you and myself. I don't want to hide behind ANYTHING!!!

My head has been aching for a long time now and by accident, I had to eat a half a whole wheat bun yesterday while out of the house because I had no other choices available, I discovered by adding that carb into my system my headache went away in less then 1 hour. As soon as I got home I resumed my eating plan of no midnight I was wake with a headache again and it is still here!
I think my body is telling me something...don't you!?!?!?

I refuse to take pain medication unless I am fevered because I am still nursing...when I get headaches they are telling me something is wrong with my body and I need to figure out what it is. Sometimes it is I need extra sleep...this is not the case now, sometimes I am stressed out about a decision....not anything happening there, or I may need a chiropractor adjustment....this to is not the case. The only reason I can come up with is the change in diet.

So after much thinking I have decided that I need to resume eating clean (with my next planned dessert on Thanksgiving) like I have been doing for the last almost 10 months and let the weight come off at the rate in which it is going to. I still have not accepted the fact that it will probably be SLOW but I have support from fellow bloggers, family and friends and I know all of you will help keep my focus on the goal through the this process.
I was really looking forward to doing this Sugar Shock Challenge with Amy because of the accountability but I can't and I know the understanding is there.

Sorry this is so long and alot of rambling but there it heart!


  1. For sure that body of yours is telling you, STOP!!!!!

    ha! Love your honesty, Christine.. I am honestly hearing some similiar stirrings in my own heart ;)
    A little voice inside is saying, " How about you just walk in freedom and see what happens?"

    Uh yeah ;) Way to go, mommacita! Listening to your body, and doing what works for you on your journey!
    Got nothin' but love and high five for you!

  2. Thanks Amy! I knew you would understand!
    That still small voice is powerful! and knows what is best.

  3. thank goodness, you were freaking me out on this sugar shock thing... go your steadfast true way... it works....

  4. I just wanted to give you my support! What you're doing is great. Congrats on losing 54 pounds! Yes, quitting those quickie carbs is a fast path to weight loss. Good luck. And let me know if you need any more support.

    Connie Bennett
    Author, Sugar Shock (Berkley Books) and Beyond Sugar Shock (upcoming/Hay House)

  5. I think the last few pounds are the hardest to lose, but I think you've chosen the right way to do it. Eat clean. You've done an amazing job so far and look FANTASTIC so might as well do what's been working ! :)

    I love your pics on the side.. You look amazing! :)

  6. It is so difficult to cut sugar and carbs, but you are also still nursing which takes a lot of your energy, perhaps that is why so many headaches?

    You got to do what works for you and you've proven so far what you can do. Stick with it!

  7. You are a wise woman! Listen to your body. There's no look amazing.