Thursday, September 30, 2010


I realized this morning that it was Sunday when I ate my last piece of bread!
A miracle really.....I am a bread lover....I use to eat 4, 5, 6, maybe even 7 pieces of bread a day.
Since beginning this journey I continued to eat usually 2 pieces a it has been 4 days since my last piece!
My favorite is toast with peanut butter....yum!

Since I have not had any I have felt light in my tummy area, not bloated and full or heavy. The scale isn't changing so it isn't that I have lost weight.
I am going to do some research as to why this may may be just a coincidence but I am thinking it is not. I will post on it if I find anything really interesting or shocking.

No exercise again today....I think I need to challenge
myself for the month of October. Is there any great challenges out in blog land that someone can tell me about??? Or anyone interested in doing a challenge with me???

Breakfast was Steel cut oats, apple, cinnamon, almond breeze, chopped almonds and granola.

Morning snack was cantaloupe, pineapple, raspberries and grapes.

Lunch was a smoothie again. (Spinach, almond breeze, peanut butter and blueberries)

Afternoon snack is baby carrots, hummus and organic crackers.

Supper will be Roast beef, brown rice, corn cooked, peas and beets.

We are having dinner guests tonight so I am making an Apple Crisp for dessert with our own apples from the yard.
I decided to modify my recipe in order to 'clean' it up some.
If the crisp ends up tasting good I will post pictures and the recipe later.
I love Apple Crisp so I am hoping the changes I made are all good!


  1. Let me know what you find on the tummy feeling... I think it has to do with the yeast and the gluten, but that is just my feeling on it. I feel the same way.. lighter, and not swollen AT all... interesting!

    Enjoy your company tonite!! Sounds so fun!

  2. I am new to your blog. Its great!


  3. here is a challenge, why don't you cook for me for October? haha
    And you made me feel guilty as I usually only eat 2 slices of bread... the pumpernickel is the one low in carbs but good for you, btw, and today i ate 4 sigh....

    i think you should do the 5 k wiki road race.

  4. I made a clean crisp, using organic apple butter for the sweetener and flax oatmeal for the top. Every one loved it. Can't wait to hear how yours turned out. I used to be a bread lover too...good job staying away from the stuff!