Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feeling Good

I did manage to get in some exercise yesterday after my hydro interruption that set my schedule a miss.
I started out with trying to do a 2 Mile Walk Away the Pounds DVD at 3pm but I had a friend stop in at the 1 Mile point so that came to an end. After supper I threw in 30 squats, push-ups and crunches thinking that was going to have to be it for the day.

Once I got the children to bed at 8:30pm I was feeling so tired and grumpy that I thought a good sweaty workout was probably what I was either that or sit down and eat chips! I choose the workout and put on the 2 Mile Walk DVD again. This time I pushed it through and had a good sweat going when I was done.
I did feel better after but for the record people...I hate exercising at night!

Eating for Tuesday was;
Steel Cut Oats with fresh berries and Almond Breeze for breakfast.
Orange & 1oz. Almonds for morning snack
1/2 can tuna, mixed greens with 1 tbsp. dressing and 7 organic crackers for lunch.
Plain yogurt, fresh pineapple and granola for afternoon pick-up.
Supper was 3 oz. roasted organic chicken, 1/2 sweet potato, 1 cup cabbage and 1/2 green peas.

Wednesday's eats;
Steel Cut Oats, 2 tbsp. flax meal, berries and 1/2 almond breeze.
1oz. cashews and fresh pineapple for mid-morning snack
1 egg and 2 egg whites scrambled with red pepper, onions & spinach sauteed and all wrapped up in a Whole Wheat wrap for lunch.
Afternoon boost was a banana with 1 tbsp. melted natural peanut butter drizzled on top and a handful of granola.
Supper is simmering now and it will be a bowl of Chili.
Tonight while I watch a recorded copy of last nights 'Biggest Loser' I will have a bag of smart pop popcorn...if I need it. I enjoy watching this show so much...I think I cry EVERY episode.

This morning I did the No More Trouble Zones DVD workout before the children woke up!
I love, love, love having it done first thing in the morning!!!


  1. Your menu sounds very similar to mine! Cool.

    But...I hate exercise in the morning. I'm definitely a night time gal.

  2. Look at your 152 pic! I love it!!!

    I hear ya on the exercising in the morning... I LOOOOVE to get it out of the way because if I don't I spend all day hearing my head try to talk myself out of it.. lol! Sad isn't it, but true! Anywho... love your menu.. totally love the oatmeal.. can't wait to have mine again!

    Great activity and foodies, girl! keep it up!!!