Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sugar Shock Challenge

This body needs it!!!

I had joined Dawne's challenge to be Treat Free for September and have failed miserably at it two weeks in a row..... I even promised Dawne that I would be better this week!!!
Sorry Dawne, I am usually a woman of my word. sigh

This journey is all about getting up and dusting ones self off again and then to keep on walking! Learning something from the mistakes we make but not letting shame and condemnation into our thoughts and actions.

So here is my plan.....Amy has started a Sugar Shock Challenge and this is something I had been thinking about for a long time now so it seems like a great time to jump into it....while I have someone to do it with makes great sense. I have one exception to Amy's link about the Sugar Shock though....I am such a fruit liking kind of girl I will not be giving them up but rather limiting them to 2-3 servings a day. I will be giving up all other carbs though...this will be a challenge in its self for me.

I will start today, now.... even though it is after lunch and I have had carbs earlier in the day... if I wait and say "I will start in the morning" then I will be tempted to binge tonight on all of the things that I will not be eating until September 30th.

My starting weight will be 155lbs, that was my weigh in on Sunday...I am probably heavier than that because I have binged both Monday and Tuesday but 155 it is as the official start weight.

If you are a praying person I could sure use the support right now!
September is a time of year that I love: a time of change, re-establishing routines and renewed commitments to ones self and others! along with these things also comes STRESS!
Stress and I don't go well together!

Leah, if you read this post I am not able to read your blog anymore. My computer keeps aborting the operation when I try to go to it. This is very sad...I miss reading about your journey! Hopefully I can figure out my computer problem soon and then get caught up on your blog, I had a repair done on the computer a few weeks ago and since then this has been happening to me on a number of sites I visited in the past. I hope all is well with you!


  1. Hey Christine!!!

    Love that you jumped in too! yay! I don't feel all alone, and it will give some accountability ;)

    My first 2 days have been scratchy just simply because of food supplies. I have done my best to stay as carb free as possible but need supplies. So today I am off to the grocery to stock up on veggies and protein! Woo hoo!

    Been thinking I am going to menu at night too.

    Way to go!


  2. I'm so glad that you're not giving up fruit! I don't think I could either. I hope this is exactly what you need to get things back on track!