Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week Fifteen

I had the chance to dwell on the things that I know are true....
  • The number on the scale does not define who I am.
  • The situation that is keeping me from exercising this week is out of my control and that as soon as I am physically capable of getting back at my exercise I will.
  • I have eaten in a healthy & moderate way this week. (Thanks for noticing "C"!)
  • The big picture shows me that I have changed in many ways. (Thanks Dawne for pointing this out!)

So despite that the scale showed a 3 pound gain I will have to believe that for some reason my body is reacting to the vertigo and is holding on to water because I know that I did not eat enough extra calories to show even a 1lb gain.


  1. Just caught up on your posts. You are smart to find the positive points in your life right now instead of dwelling on the gain.

    You have a very good reason and know that things will get back to normal soon.

    Take care and I pray your week ahead is better than the last!

  2. As someone continually points out to me and now I am doing the same... the number on the scale is nothing... it is how much better you feel that you are eating well and how you feel mentally that you look the way you want.

    and it is totally impossible to go down every single week... otherwise you had better go and buy a lottery ticket=) chin up chick

  3. You are right that you can't control what physically happened to your body this week. I am praying that you get well and that your slight gain does NOT alter your view of the big picture! This little bumps have to occur in the journey so we're strong enough to maintain for a lifetime.

  4. You have the best attitude about this. You are right, the only number that should define you is the number of beautiful children you have who love and adore you everyday. I'm sure once you feel better you'll drop those three pounds and then some and can enjoy another 14 weeks of the scale going down! Keep up the awesome work and when you feel sad look at your beautiful family. My baby always reminds me why I'm doing this and puts my mind at ease when I'm stressing.

  5. Great attitude, Christine! Hang in there!!! You can do this! :)


  6. You are doing awesome, Christine! Honestly and truly, you are!

    This is such a great, reflective post and your positive attitude just shines through your words.

    I *did* notice how well you eat and what good food choices you make! That is some willpower...especially at a baby shower! :) You're awesome!