Friday, April 16, 2010

Life this week

What a whirl wind of a week. It was just Tuesday and now it is Friday! Where did that week go????
I have been reading all of your blogs but have not had a chance to post. Sick children (nothing serious just a yucky nose and cough.) and busy with daycare children this week.

It has been a GREAT week for me with eating and exercising.
I got in 2 -5km runs, 1 -3.5km run and 2 Biggest Loser Boot camp workouts.
My body is feeling strong and firmer this week. Yeah, the firmness that I refer to can not be seen yet but soon the layer of fat will go gone and left will be some muscle. I look forward to that day!!

I have been considering getting rid of my scale after my last weigh-in in June with my weight loss ladies here in town. For those that are newer to my blog, I weigh in weekly and report to five other ladies. We support and encourage each other. We also have a little bit of a wager going...the person with the highest % of weight loss gets the money in June. Not alot of money but some. Anyway the reason I think I may lose the scale is because it controls how I feel so much.....I may be feeling great about my efforts but if the scale says I am up well to say it nicely....I get a little discouraged. Then if I have cheated a little and the scale doesn't show it then I get cocky!!! Either way I know it isn't healthy!! Stepping on the scale actually is a bit obsessive for me....don't think any less of me for this, please.

So for the next 2 months I will keep my commitment to weekly weigh -ins and then after that make a final decision.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I would never think less of you. I'm obsessed with my scale. I weigh myself weekly (Officially) but peek whenever I feel like it. While I don't let the number control me, that's easy to say since I haven't had too many WI yet that I didn't like. I try to take those as a message to shake things up since I'm a creature of habit and I know my body will get used to things. Don't fight your scale, maybe move it somewhere less in the way, or make a deal with your hubby to only use it together. I weigh myself with my hubby on Friday mornings and we encourage each other. I will say it has helped keep me from peeking so much.

  2. To weigh or not to weigh. It's a constant question/debate/struggle for everyone in blog world.

    I have found my view about it all changes at different points in the journey. What you decided for right now doesn't have to be what remains a rigid rule for the entire journey.

    Listen to your heart. Keep well!!!!!

  3. Hi my new friend, Christine! so wonderful to meet you girl! Yay!

    I hear you...oh do I on the ol' scale deal! When I first started out this journey I weighed in 1 time a month... really! It's stayed more in check.. but honestly, if you need to ditch the thing and just go by how your clothes are feeling, then do it!
    Such a small object should not have so much power in one's life, right?

    Big hugs... and so wonderful to meet you!

  4. I hope the kids get better soon.

    You'll figure out what you want. Coming off this week it's bound to be hard. You'll figure out what's best.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I have those same battles and know exactly how you feel. I too let the scale dictate to me how I am going to feel for the day and it is not good. I am perfectly happy and content with raw foods unless that darn ol scale tells me that I am not. The funny thing is that we do not walk around with a number over our head from our morning weigh in that tells everyone how much we weigh. I don't know where this how much do you wiegh mentality came from. Weird huh? No one else knows how much I weigh (with the exception of everyone in blog world! LOL). I don't know why I let it bother me so much, but I shouldn't.

  6. Good for you on your exercise this week!