Monday, April 5, 2010

Ramblings from the weekend

With the long weekend coming to an end there is a fair bit to share that happened in our home.

{This part of my post is my own personal convictions and in no way am I trying to impose my beliefs or feeling on anyone. I hate conflict and disagreement but wanted to share with you how this weekend is different for us compared to how it use to be.}
To start off with my husband and I have never celebrated Easter with the chocolate, bunny and egg thing (when we were kids yes, but not since having our own children) because we could never see the relationship with these things and the death and resurrection of Jesus. So we always have had a nice dinner on Sunday, attend services on Friday and Sunday and tried to teach the children about the sacrifice made for us. We whole heartily gave this weekend to proclaiming what we would call the 'true meaning' of Easter.
To my shock I did some research on the origins of easter and I am so disappointed....Christians years ago took over this easter celebration thing...changing its name from Eastre which is a goddess of spring to easter and claimed it as a christian holiday and from here families have had these fun egg hunts and eating of chocolate not knowing where the traditions have come from. At least I didn't! Now knowing its pagan roots I can feel good about not exposing my children to these traditions. So this weekend is just a nice long four days off together!!! and I love that!!!

I have been fighting a head cold and dizziness since Wednesday and have been feeling terrible but I have got in a few good workouts; Thursday I did a 5km weight loss workout on the Elliptical, Friday I did nothing, Saturday I got in a 5km run, Sunday was lots of biking with the children and today I did the Biggest Loser Bootcamp.

My eating has been good...I have been thinking about writing down my food intake daily here on my blog but I have not decided yet if I will.

I spent all day Saturday going through all the children's closets and drawers to take out the winter or too small clothes and replacing them. What a job that is twice a year! I took 3 garbage bags and 4 boxes full of clothes to the local church for their rummage sale. I can only store so much and then my husband puts a stop to it!! He went as far to call me a hoarder on the weekend....but really he knows I am just trying to save the expense of buying new all the time. We have been blessed to have clothes of good quality given to us often.

I must get caught up on laundry today before the school week starts tomorrow for us. It is hard to get full days in with the nice weather as the children love to go in and out all day long...this I have resolved is what happens in the spring and I can't change it. They are active, explore, build and work together to do things...sounds like a great way to live. I call this school too!


  1. I loved this post! My husband and I have also decided...when we have children, not to do the added stuff for Christian holidays. Though it's not "normal" we also want to remember the true reasons for the holidays that we celebrate!! Thank you for this reminder!!!

  2. Good for you for sticking to what you believe and doing the research, I can't say the same for myself but in today's society these things are sometimes hard to stick too and congrats to sticking with it! And I'm certainly glad you had a beautiful long weekend.

    Yes I was in Sauble Beach on the weekend, my mom really wants to head to Manitoulin but she just hasn't made the trip yet.

  3. I hear ya on the clothing thing. Twice a year I have to pack up old clothes, throw some awayh and dig out the next seasons clothes. I hate it! I told hubby that one day I would like to live where the climate is the same year round. Like Hawaii!! LOL! That way I don't have to pack up clothes twice a year! hehe! I need to do that too, but have not had the energy to do it yet.

  4. Great job with your exercising and eating! :)