Monday, April 19, 2010


You all know that I weigh in weekly with five other ladies but I don't think I have mentioned before that the person with the largest percentage of a loss each weeks gets to put out a challenge for everyone to fulfil.
This week it was my turn! Lately I have been having a hard time not snacking after supper so this was my challenge to everyone.

I have also I decided I AM NOT stepping on the scale until Sunday morning...with these two changes for me this week it should be interesting and hopefully insightful.

Yesterday for my anniversary my husband and I decided we would like Chinese food, the place where we get it from is one hour away from our house. My husband volunteered me to go get it...which I was fine with...while I was out I went into a Mark's Work Warehouse with my Mom where she bought me a new outfit!! Yeah!! New clothes are not something I get very often. I was so happy to pick off the rack size 12 shorts/skorts and they all fit just right!! I came home with a black skort and purple dressy t-shirt.

I got out for a run again today...5.2km in 37 minutes. Each week I am planning on adding a bit of distance until I get to 10km.


  1. Congrats on the new clothes, the anniversary, and the goals. You're on fire after last week's great loss :)

  2. That is amazing time!!!! You are faster than me, that's for sure! Amazing!!!! I am hoping to get to 5K as well!

  3. Happy anniversary and congrats on your loss!

    You will do great with your goals this week. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Awesome job on the run ! I'm sure you will kick tail this week on your challenges! You got it girl ! :)

  5. Hooray! That is exciting! You are doing awesome!

    Happy Anniversary, btw! OH! I forgot to tell you, I was at the school last night for rehearsal for our musical and thought of popping by to say hello. Then I realized, night time is definitely not the best time for a visit! LOL! Okay, it was more like just after suppertime, but still!