Friday, April 23, 2010


What a great week I have been having!
The weather here has been sooo is hard to stay inside and do what has to get done.

My eating has been right on this week, if anything it is a bit on the low side for calorie intake. I had two days where baby was on the second day I decided to track my calories on Prevention to just make sure my supply was turned out that I had only had about 1200 calories those two days...way to low for breastfeeding! I increased and no more grumpy to love that cure!

With exercise this week I have switched it up a bit!
I did two 5km runs and have got my best time of 36 mins. and 30 seconds on the last one, I also did a 7.4km bike ride....that was so much like fun it didn't seem like exercise.
The other two days have been DVD work outs...One day of the Shred and one day of Biggest Boot Camp.
I have added to my nightly routine a set of push ups and sit ups....only 20 of each for now. Since I had my first child I have never been able to do a full sit up and had to do crunches but NOW...I can do them again!! I feel so proud of this, I don't know why it means so much to me but it has.

This week I challenged myself and the other ladies I weigh in with to NOT step on the scale until weigh in day (Sunday). This has been extremely hard for me but I am not about to give in...I have a dependency problem with that stinking piece of metal. lol and it isn't going to get the best of me this week. I have been telling myself that the scale can only show what I already know....and that is that I have had a fantastic week! Positive self talk!
Did you know that there is such a thing as a talking scale? Like I want that, Oh My, I swear the thing calls my name as it is... never mine announcing the number too. lol

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be here on Sunday with a report.


  1. I can't wait to hear about your report! By the way...I love that you have decided not to let the scale dictate anything to you! Good for you!

  2. Awesome, Christine!!! You're doing so great!
    Have a great weekend! XO