Saturday, April 10, 2010

The day before my weigh in....

I am one big ball of emotions today!
I have went 14 weeks with consistent losing on the scale and I am really afraid that tomorrow will see an end to this. I am not ready to face that reality.....

I have been sick with dizziness since last weekend so I have not been able to exercise at all since Monday. I have had 2 chiropractor adjustments and seen a nurse practitioner in hopes of relief but I have not had any. I have tried two times to exercise and I just get so nauseated from the spinning that I have to stop. For me losing weight only comes with exercise so when I don't get in what I need I can pretty much guarantee a gain.

To add to the lack of movement I have also been extra hungry for some unknown reason. I have not had to deal with the actual feeling of hunger and not being satisfied before. In the past I would just eat whatever I wanted until I felt full (and beyond)....this time I have been eating lots of fruit, veggies and proteins on top of my meals to try and fill the need but nothing has helped. This week I have tried to figure out why this is happening but I have no answer...if anyone has a suggestion please share it.

I am happy with my eating choices this week but I am scared of the scale. For me this is an emotional battle as much as the physical one and I have not figured out how I am going to handle this for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. My hope is that this spinning head goes away soon and I can get back to my normal routine....but what if it doesn't and I have to deal with it for another week or long can I hold onto hope with out resorting back to my past eating struggles???? I need to go and get alone with God and try and find my peace!!! because I can't do it on my own!!!

Sorry for the downer post....


  1. Don't fear the scale Christine. Even if you were up a bit, it will come off again. This is NOT simply a week to week change and if the results aren't there one week, you're through. It's lifetime. It's a journey. Ups and downs.

    So sorry you are so sick - that makes everything so much more complicated. You can face illness without the comfort of overeating. I know you can. Spend that time with God, tell Him your fears and let Him give you peace.

    If you're up tomorrow, it's not the end of the world. You will see hte scale go down again. It's not all or nothing!!! Honest!

    Praying for you sweet Christine. Remember how far you've come. Look at pictures. Look at your weigh in results. One little gain doesn't change these things. Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture. Look at it.

  2. I hope you find out what is making you dizzy! That is stinky and I have missed you on the Daily Mile :)

    If you feel too nervous about your reaction to the weigh in why don't you just skip this week? You have enough on your plate with your health concerns. Just keep doing what you need to be doing and wait a week to weigh in. Pretend you're on vacation and can't get to a scale!

  3. Oh, I hope the dizziness goes away soon. Did you go to the doctor to get that checked out? I occasionally suffer from the spinning head, dizziness and sickness. It's usually because I haven't had enough water to drink. I'm guilty of not getting my proper intake. I don't drink enough fluids during the day. I try and I go for a while of being really good at it, but it's something I often "forget" to do. Weird.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you what an absolutely AMAZING, FANTASTIC, PHENOMENAL job you are doing. I noticed at the baby shower that you were making such great choices in food!! LOL...Didn't mean to notice, but couldn't help it when everyone was eating wontons, layered dip with tortillas, CAKE, and all the other stuff. You stuck to the fruit and veggies. I was so impressed.

    If you ever feel like going for a walk with the babies, I'll come join you.

  4. I'm sorry about your vertigo, such a frustrating things to have, did they give you a prescription for it? I really hope it passes soon for you.