Thursday, April 8, 2010


This week has been terrible!!

I have been eating well (I have been extra hungry but have made good healthy choices) but not getting in a lot of exercise because I have some vertigo happening and can't exercise without feeling really sick and even more dizzy.

I took the baby to see the opthamologist yesterday and they feel her eyes are just fine now...this is a relief to us. We were concerned because they were turning in and out up until about 5 weeks ago.

Off I go to lay down and relief this spinning head hopefully.
Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Girl,
    I am so sorry about the vertigo. That stinks so badly. Get better soon!

  2. I hope you feel well soon.

    Also, thanks for your interest in our family blog, but I do keep that for private viewing by our family and close friends only.

    If you "comment" on my blog with your email address I don't mind sharing my daybook entry with you.

  3. I'm glad your little one is okay. I'm sure that must be a big relief for you both. Hope you feel better soon and don'torry the exercise will be waiting for you when you do.

  4. Great job on your eating. Often when I feel sick, I don't make the best choices. UGH. Emotional eating!
    Sorry you are feeling sick! :(

  5. Oh! I hadn't read this post until just now :( Sorry about the vertigo.

    I forgot to mention to you that we had to take Little One to Sick Kids when she was 3 months old to get her eyes checked and then again when she was 12 months. For her, it was a preemie thing. They had to check because many preemies have retinopathy of prematurity. Anyway, the long winded purpose of me telling you this is that I wanted to mention how great I think the opthamologist is in the closest "big" city to the Island.

    Glad to hear that the baby's eyes are fine. She is an absolute sweetie! She didn't even fuss once when you guys were over!! I love, love, LOVE HER!!! :)