Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The whole truth and nothing but....

Thank you to all that played along with yesterdays post. I had a lot of fun reading every ones guesses and also trying to figure out some of your truth statements.

Here is the facts on mine!!!

* I absolutely love the show Survivor and have never missed an episode in any of the seasons.

LIE - While I do love the show, I have missed many episodes and did not even start to watch the show until about 6 years ago.

* My parents married in 1967 and are the happiest couple I have ever met.

LIE - They did marry in 1967 but their marriage ended in 1978.

* I had my appendix removed when I was a teenager.

LIE - The only thing I have had removed from my body are wisdom teeth.

* Avocado is my new favorite food.

LIE - I have tried to like them but just can't. {Good observation Alice!!}

* I enjoy hanging laundry on the line so much that it doesn't seem like work.

TRUTH - I don't know why but I do love it and will use the line any day over the dryer.

* I won Miss Manitoulin in 1990.

LIE - I don't know if there even was a Miss Manitoulin pageant in 1990.

This has been a great week....eating has been bang on healthy and I have went out for three 3.2km walk/runs so far even it the midst of sick children. I really think that running can become addictive. I am loving it so much that I am upset if I can't get out. I have been running further and further every day and my recovery (walking) time has been getting shorter.
For some reason running makes me feel powerful!?!?!?! Anyone else had this experience??


  1. Ah, I got it wrong! Man! Lucky you for enjoying hanging laundry out! I like the thought of it, the smell of it after, but not the work of it!

    I agree about running, well, I'd call my attempt jogging. It feels amazing, doesn't it? My legs so strong and muscular after I jog. I'd rather be addicted to it than chips and dip!

  2. Oh my you enjoying hanging laundry? Wow. That is a lot of work. I used to help my great grandmother hang hers...

  3. Have you checked out yet? Fun site for logging your runs and meeting other runners/walkers etc. Look for me on there and lets be friends - lol!

  4. Around here the laundry would end up coated in lava dust. That sun-in smell is fab though.

  5. If you join dailymile look me up on it. I love it because it tracks all my running so well for me. Yes running is SOOOOO addictive and it makes me feel powerful too. When I get back from a hard run I feel like I could take on the world. I have to say it's the best thing I've ever been addicted to, better than chocolate even! Keep up the great work and you'll be a crazy runner like me in no time! :)

  6. Wow! I was right!

    I haven't been running, but I've been going on daily walks with the baby. It's usually just 2.5 km going and 2.5 km return. We go up and down the highway. That might change once ferry traffic starts!

  7. P.S. I don't have anyone in my neck of the woods to go walking or running with. Maybe we can organize something?